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bear by san

March 2017



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it's the little things betray

ann_leckie has a smart and awesome post on learning to "write better" here.

Man, slow starting today. Eyes blurry, head cloudy. Food and tea will hopefully help.

(Teddy Bear mug today, which you have already seen. Rose congou tea, Morning temperature 38 balmy degrees, even when I had the dog out at sunrise. And yeah, I was outside with the dog at sunrise and am just sitting down to work, which tells you how much oomph I have today.

On the other hand, I have soba with veggies and quail eggs and bread with butter and sardines for breakfast, so maybe the complex carbs and protein will kick in in a minute here.) (Oh, look, I see mto be full. I guess the rest is lunch, then.)

Today I need to write about an angel and some parakeets and a woman who used to be dead.

And I STILL have not mailed that stuff I need to mail. Maybe Saturday.

Goal today is to make it to 30K, which is about seven pages away. Let's see it happen.


And I STILL have not mailed that stuff I need to mail. Maybe Saturday.

Oh ghods. Don't even remind me of that sort of thing. Maybe next Monday - we're having record cold weather, below freezing even during the day, and due for snow tomorrow. And the Seattle area cannot handle snow.

I'm going to head out this afternoon and stock up on walnuts and phyllo dough, and whatever other baking supplies I might need.

And my piano is being tuned, as I type this, and oh ghods does it hurt to hear how much it had slipped... *cringe*
TBRE is making baklava sometime soon. My project for tonight or tomorrow is key lime pie.
Oh! I should add "graham cracker or crumb crust" and "key lime juice" to my shopping list, shouldn't I? *grin* (Like you, I think it needs meringue, but we won't tell the Mad Gastronomer that. *another grin*)
Well, you know. She can be wrong. We don't need to point it out. *g*