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i had not become a cephalopod. i still had legs and arms.

Stayed up late last night writing another thousand words on "The Unicorn Evils," which puts my workdcount for yesterday at a more-than-respectable 3200, which feels like accomplishment.

And now I am blowing off yoga class, under the tanaise-originated "World so cruel, bed so warm" protocol, with my own "cats so snuggly" amendment. Also, much of the midpoint of last night was a wash on the sleeping front, thanks to my endocrine system (I almost got up at 3:45 AM out of boredom but gutted it out and managed to eventually get back to sleep around five. I mean, if I had gotten up, I would have been super-prodictive already, but at what cost?

Anyway: cat drugs appear to be working (No wonder they give this stuff to neurotic housewives; stops 'em pissing in the corners) as I have now actuallly witnessed the Complain Department using the litterbox often enough to bribe her shamelessly every time she does so. (The cat who does not like cat treats--ANY cat treats--totally flips her lid for Greenies. I dunno what is in those things. Maybe diazepam.)

Of course, this means the Kjitten also gets bribed when the CD uses the litterbox, because we believe in a cultish application of peer pressure around here, and also he can hear me open the bag.

Anyway, I should probably get out from under these cats and feed them (because apparently I am the only Food Ape (tm autopope and feorag) around here who can actually remember to put food in the bowls of a morning*) and let the dog out and feed him, and then get to work--as apparently we** are not going to yoga class this week, and I am seriously okay with that. In fact, I might be seriously okay with not leaving the house at all today, although I should get to the gym and lift weights and run... unless I decide to go climbing tonight just for the hell of it.

*Well, it does mean I have a fuzzy organic alarm clock or two.

**and by we we mean I

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