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this armor's different pieces were delivered from different places

20090406 002
Temperature this AM: 17 degrees (It's up to 21 now)
Tea today: Upton Cape Cod Cranberry, which I always have a hard time not eating as a snack, as it's basically chopped up cranberries and apples and maybe some clove? Anyway, it smells spicy and wonderful and does, in fact, taste okay nibbled on....


When it comes to dried fruit, I'm weak, what can I say?

Teacup today: Japanese bamboo

And now it is time to start inserting the pathetic fallacy in this scene where I forgot about the weather. "The Unicorn Evils" first today, I think, since it's hot in my head, and then Grail. Since I'm blowing off the gym, I'd better get some work done.

Other goals today include making a key lime pie and possibly chocolate cherry muffins, as key lime pie is not really breakfast pie*. I mean, it has fruit in it, which is one of the key ingredients of breakfast pie, but it wouldn't go well with cheese and it has a graham cracker crust.

*Breakfast pie. What? It's a Yankee thing. Pie is breakfast. It's fruit and pastry, right?

Yeah, I never understood why west coasters and southwesterners were horrified by the idea of breakfast pie until I attended my first Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, and there was nary a pumpkin, apple, blueberry, or rhubarb pie in sight. Instead it was acres of pudding and Kool-Whip. Talk about yer culture shock.

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