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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds bad shirt brigade

but then the valet brought around my plymouth belvedere

20090406 003
Commencing work this morning with a dog who says the floor is much, much, much too cold, and can't you please turn on the summer, monkey?

Tea today is a nice Assam from Upton (Mokalbari East); teacup today is an autumnul Chinese cup with leaves and berries and cherry blossoms.

Temperature this morning: 24 degrees.

Apparently, les smice have been eating my pie overnight:

20090406 001

I did not know that les smice used forks, however.

Not actually sure what work is getting done today--I think I'm going to go poke at Grail and see what happens. Having a third of it drafted is very reassuring: the end seems so much more attainable from here than from zero: I mean, 250 pages is little enough room that I start worrying about running out of space rather than how on earth am I going to fill this with interesting narrative?

And in conclusion, a dog loves you.

20090406 005


Hooray for Car Talk.
I am totally smitten with your dog.
Me too.
Me three!
I love your icon!
What a sweet face the GRD has! And I'm with him -- please, someone, turn on the summer. Or at least the spring.
Bear, honey, I don't know how to break this to you, but your dog is rilly rilly big.
He's not that big.

He's less than half the size of the mastiff. *g*
I love mastiffs. I did a tech call once at a house that had two of them and they took up THE WHOLE LIVING ROOM FLOOR. They are also very drooly. And large. And less fluffy than Newfs or Pyrs, which I also love (and are large and drooly). I'm sensing a theme here...
Awwwww. I don't think I've ever seen the big brown eyes before. I am a cat person, but he is a total cutie.

He looooves you.
Ohmigod he has EYES! And bigger and more soulful eyes are hard to find. *wubs*
omg EYES he haz them!
I was beginning to wonder if GRD had eyes too, or rather how he manages to avoid hitting things with all that hair. :P
I've seen that look before. The caption for that last picture, what he's trying to say, is "You love me, right? ...so, you're gonna give me some of that pie then?"
What a puppus you have!
Oh the EYES!!!!

Also, your smice are much more civilized than my smouse--mine has not yet advanced to using cutlery. She claims it is because she lacks thumbs.
I did not know that les smice used forks,

normally they carry their own Sporks..
The chin-on-knee move kills me. (Lucky for me, my dogs don't quite realize this, or they'd pull it all the time.)
Oh, GDR, we lurve you too.

Swear to ghu, my first thought at that last picture was, "Ohmighod it has eyes!".

Very sweet brown eyes they are, too.
There's actually a dog-face under there! Not just ears to mark "this end forward". And what an adorable face it is...
You would probably not be surprised to know how many people ask "Does it have eyes?" as if this were a clever question.

I usually tell them that the briard is actually a form of terrestrial bat, a blind cave dog, and it navigates by sonar.
Which explains the outsized ears, although not the ears all covered with hair...

He is definitely doing the "if I look pathetic enough, maybe you'll take pity on me? And make it be warm? Or provide me with treats? Or scritch me? Because I love you so much..." routine.