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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

I wanna write like Greg fucking Brown when I grow up.

Coldest night of the winter, working up my farewell.
In the middle of everything under no particular spell.
Clouds roll in from Nebraska. Dark chords on a big guitar.



ohhh, i think i saw that concert.

so amazing.
I think he's the one who wrote the song about winter consumption of summer-canned food. I like that song, but I don't have it so I don't hear it often.
I either don't know the song or can't identify it from the description.

He's wonderful, though. And he covers a Ferron tune. Which makes me love him with all the love in the world.
While backing up my computer last night I was pleased and surprised to discover I *do* have the song! It's called "Canned Goods." The chorus:

Peaches on the shelf
Potatoes in the bin
Supper's ready, everybody come on in
Taste a little of the summer,
Taste a little of the summer,
You can taste a little of the summer
my grandma's put it all in jars.
The guy who wrote The Da Vinci code?

The line "dark chords on a big guitar" became, of course, the title of a rather good Joan Baez album of covers, including a cover of "Rexroth's Daughter."

Not that anyone around here would know anything about titling collections after lines from somebody else's songs.

caleb meyer your ghost is gonna wear them rattlin' chains

Heh. Curiously, it was listening to the Joan Baez album in question that sent me to dig out Covenant, and now Gillian Welch.


Me? Suggestible?

Not that I have four versions of "Elvis Presley Blues" or anything.

Re: caleb meyer your ghost is gonna wear them rattlin' chains

And feeling with my fingertips, the bottleneck I found...