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bear by san

March 2017



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hustle mickey trust me

beware of them that look at you as an experience

Item the first: yes, I have seen the new Simon's Cat. And now so have you. 

Item the second: I really, really, really did not want to work today. But I applied butt to couch and told myself I could quit after four pages, and by then my peeps had shown up and were working, so I got 2300. Go, peeps. Go book.

See? Progress? Progress is so comforting. Especially since once ashacat's baby comes, I expect there will be a week or so when I am being Baby Support and do not get much done. And I want to get a draft of this book finished (Even a Bad Draft) so that I can fix The White City and its chapbook "The Forty times Forty" and send them to Bill.

35300 / 100000 words. 35% done!

177 / 400 pages. 44% done!

Item the third: here's a cute photo of the existing beloved godchild, with me and The Jeff (not in that order).

That's what my hair looked like after the purple washed out. It's the Rare Good Photo of me, so enjoy it. *g*

Item the fourth: People turn around a lot in Greg Brown songs.


That is such a cute photo - the godson is gorgeous.

And I hadn't seen Simon's cat, but now I have, so thank you!

Oh no! Babies!
He's going to be a ladykiller. Unless he's a lordkiller. Too soon to tell, but he does love goatees.
A Flirt! The boy's a HUGE flirt!
He is. So much so.

When are we playing guitar?
The good news is there aren't many, and they're short.

Or maybe that's the bad news.
Hooray for the words and the gorgeous godchild (and author. It is a lovely photo of you)
He's adorable. And he loves trucks. *g*
Even before seeing the line under the photo, I was going to send a note about how cute your hair is in that photo. (The godson's cuteness is probably a given.)
All those big smiles made me smile. Thank you! :)