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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds gideon kill fast

there was work to do. they both forgot.


First sentences, 2009!

January: The sun is melting the frost off the inside of the windows, the cat is complaining, and my toes are cold.

February: Busy but pleasant day today.

March: This is what rock climbing has done for me:

April: 9. All stories end the same way. It's easy when you know how.

May: At first, I thought the email was a very clever phishing scheme. [That was one of my rare locked posts, so no link.]

June: batwrangler has graciously posted her photos of the Wrentham dog shows on her flickr account, including some pics of the Giant Ridiculous Dog and the Lesser Ridiculous Dog.

July: Seattle, day 5. Still no bukkit.

August: I've been up and working since 6:30, and the dogge needs to go out and chase the ball and then have a walk and his breakfast, and so do I (I thought of something I really, really wanted to eat today last night and now I can't remember what it was, except it involved whole wheat toast. Maybe if I look in the fridge I will remember. Maybe I'll make home-made tortilla chips today, around reading my slush and finding some other Useful Work to do. Maybe I will clean the downstairs or something. Oh, and sending out some packages, because it's not actually Sunday, Bear.).

September: Forty-eight glorious degrees fahrenheit this morning.

October: O Perfect Timing!

November: Death to daylight savings!

December: Today I must: