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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds bad shirt brigade

the mystery flourishes best in times of acute anxiety and depression

Goals for today:

Clean off table
Do a little Christmas baking
Do laundry (ongoing)
Make dinner and dispensatory casseroles
Mail last round of DNDGGD* gifts

Work on The White City**
Pick up ornament hooks someplace

In the category and occasional series of Things That Actually Work As Advertised, at tanaise's urging, and due to a really good sale, I ordered myself a cotton henley from Lands' End. It came yesterday, I am wearing it, and it is awfully nice. Warm and thick and long enough even for my very long torso and broad shoulders. That is all and I thought you might like to know. (This is not a paid promotion. They also have turtlenecks.)


Tea today: gunpowder green
Teacup today: thatpotteryguy's medieval mug

Now, about those cookies... oh, right, I should eat something first.

The wonderful P. D. James on NPR.org

*December Non-Denominational Gift-Giving Day. They were supposed to go out yesterday, but, well, baby!

**Oh, lord, what a mess. Well, soonest begun is first ended. And other pithy Yankee sayings.


It's an awfully nice shirt. The sleeves are nearly long enough!

(That sounds like faint praise, but the reason you always see me with rolled up or shoved-up sleeves is because I own maybe two items of clothing that are not two sizes too big on which the sleeves are long enough and the cuffs wide enough for my wrists.)
I managed to misread cotton Henley as 'coffin' Henley, which was slightly surreal, especially given that Henley to me is not a garment but the place where they hold the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race.
Basically, a long johns top. Long sleeved tee with six or seven collar buttons. Very comfy for New England winters.
I wonder how it came by that name? The boat racers wear little tank tops. It's an odd world sometimes.

Apparently, they used to wear these:

WHOO-HOO! Free advertising! Thanks. I'm pleased you like it.
I love it. *g*
There's so much to be said for shirts that are long enough to cover the darn kidneys. I can fake the wrists (nor are my arms as disproportionate), but especially with the wheelchair these days, a long-enough shirt that might even stay tucked in is a really good thing.
This one even stays tucked in those fucking asscrack jeans. (Lord, can that trend please end???)
I actually like a slightly lower rise than we had back in the Eighties, but that's because I've got a fiendishly long top torso but short waist/rise/crotch/hips. Even sitting in the wheelchair, I can somehow manage to have a normal shirt be too short to tuck, but the waist of Eighties jeans are up to my ribs.

Nonetheless, I agree with you entirely; I just rejected a pair of cute rockstar stripy pants on grounds of a SEVEN INCH RISE. I can only assume we're supposed to be wearing these jeans below the butt entirely.
When the only way to keep the damned things on my ass is to buy them so tight they cause muffin-top, I'm thinking JUST NO.

La. *g*
I have to say, I thought you must have had a leak in the roof and had placed a chamber pot under it.
I totally adore Lands End turtlenecks and snagged a half-dozen one year when they were on sale in the spring. They've lasted me for YEARS with very little discernable wear on them. And I live in them and a few other heavy-weight knits all winter long. Occasionally throw a sweater on over them if a cold snap hits (once it's been a level of temp for a week I get used to it, when the temp drops suddenly, whether it's from 85 to 65 or 50 to 30, I feel freezing until I adjust to it), but I love me my turtlenecks. They're COZY and snuggly without being tight or confining.