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the mystery flourishes best in times of acute anxiety and depression

Goals for today:

Clean off table
Do a little Christmas baking
Do laundry (ongoing)
Make dinner and dispensatory casseroles
Mail last round of DNDGGD* gifts

Work on The White City**
Pick up ornament hooks someplace

In the category and occasional series of Things That Actually Work As Advertised, at tanaise's urging, and due to a really good sale, I ordered myself a cotton henley from Lands' End. It came yesterday, I am wearing it, and it is awfully nice. Warm and thick and long enough even for my very long torso and broad shoulders. That is all and I thought you might like to know. (This is not a paid promotion. They also have turtlenecks.)


Tea today: gunpowder green
Teacup today: thatpotteryguy's medieval mug

Now, about those cookies... oh, right, I should eat something first.

The wonderful P. D. James on

*December Non-Denominational Gift-Giving Day. They were supposed to go out yesterday, but, well, baby!

**Oh, lord, what a mess. Well, soonest begun is first ended. And other pithy Yankee sayings.
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