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and you can dream about the things you meant to do before you die

1) Tomorrow, at some point, there will be a new episode of Shadow Unit. I can't tell you when exactly, but it's called "On Faith" and it is our Very Special Holiday Episode.

It was written by Sarah Monette, and don't forget to check for easter eggs. *g*

There might also be a S3 trailer. Maybe.

2) Good climbing night tonight. I only did four walls, but one was a new 5.8 on the 45-foot overhand, which includes a little roof--and I didthe first thirty feet of it in one big push, which made me feel really good about myself. Two other routes were 5.9s on the slab that had previously eluded me. I didn't do 'em clean or neat, but I did 'em. And next time I will do better. (I also sent a 5.8 I have gotten before.)

Joy was redoubled by listening to two nice climber boys from Colorado bitch about how our 5.8s are like everybody else's 5.10s. I mean, I know it, but it's nice to have confirmed.

3) I am making borscht tomorrow, dammit. TBRE and I are both giving blood. We have an excuse to need beets and beef. (It was also a good excuse for steak tonight.)

4) I'm on page 57 of rereading The White City and it hasn't fallen apart on me yet. There's always the next bit, of course...

5) Crowded House's "Transit Lounge" is so a gamma song.
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