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bear by san

March 2017



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always winter

then one day i was not alone

Christmas pronounced a success. (My immediate local family--none of us are actually Christians, but we celebrate a secular Christmas anyway, and often these days it even falls on the actual day. It didn't always, because my mom was a hospital employee for 25 years.)(See above, December Non-Denominational Gift-Giving Day.)

20090406 009We made out first ever Yorkshire puddings, which came out awesome and we were all boggled at just how easy it is. Next time, a little longer in the oven, and we will use a metal muffin tin instead of the silicon muffin cups, because, well, the silicon cups were too slippery and the puddings just levitated themselves out of the cups rather than getting tall. Not enough friction!

(The muffin cups were a gift from truepenny: this was their inaugural run. Thank you!!!)

Here are the socks and the blanket my mom knitted me, because I promised to brag about them.

20090406 006And here is my first ever hank of yarn, which I gave to my mother. It's "art yarn," which is to say it's not art yarn at all. It just sucks. But hey, it's mine and I made it.

We tried the prime rib recipe from Cook's Illustrated, and came to the conclusion that while it is good, our family recipe process is better. (We were all actually capable of stopping eating after one slice. Which never happens the way we usually do it.) However, their au jus recipe rocked, though next year we're leaving out the wine.

And Yorkshire puddings are a permanent addition. In two years, they'll be an ancient family tradition.

And then I beat the freezing rain home and let the dog out.

Now I'm going to make some tea and put on my wrist braces and go sit under my new blanket and work on The White City, because TBRE is out in the world tonight and I have the whole luxurious house to myself.

Oh, and gotta water the tree.


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Your yarn looks lovely.
Thank you!
I've never understood the fascination with Prime Rib. It's always just been another hunk of dead cow to me.

Ah, well. Merry Winter Holiday.
Cooked right, it's amazingly good?
My mantra is "it's not crap, it's folk art!" People pay *tons* of money for thick-and-thin handspun. Mostly because only beginners can make it.

Yay good socks!!!

That's a gorgeous afghan, and I'd like to know more about the pattern. Will you point her in my direction?
She doesn't really, um, use patterns. She kind of makes it up as she goes.

But I think she's on Ravelry. Email me your handle and I will pass it along.
The socks and blanket look lovely - I can't knit but I sure admire those who can. Plus Yorkshire puddings for win! :d

Haven't talked to you much this year, but thinking of you. Happy holidays and enjoy your quiet evening! ;)
I miss you. *g*

And I love you too.


Like that.
V. welcome! I hope they were actually what you had in mind.
They're actually BETTER than what I had in mind. Thank you so much!
Over the years, I have given my mom an early experimental swatch turned into a not-too-usable purse, my first socks, my first lace shawl, and a scarf that was probably a little too short because I ran out of yarn. When I offered to knit her a sweater for her birthday early this month, she asked a bit nervously, "Have you knit a sweater before?" :-)

(I think she has worn the socks and scarf multiple times, though, and she's certainly thanked me for them.)
Mmm. Socks. I told my mom I would keep her in wool as long as she kept knitting me socks.
Very nice yarn! Much better than my first efforts.

*puts on Brit hat*
I always make Yorkshire pudding in a 9x12 pan. I use a beer batter and either fat from the roast or lard in the pan which I get smoking hot before adding the batter. That's my family tradition for it.
Thank you!
Yorkshire puddings do for me what potato chips do for most people. If anyone ever starts selling giant bags of fresh yorkshire puddings, I will be in deep trouble. Especially if they are made with beef drippings.
I personally think if they're not made with beef drippings they're not yorkshire puddings....
Thank you. *g*
We have had great success with our silicon baking cups and tall Yorkshire Pudding. ahf found the secret to that was to use grease from the meat (usually beef) in the cups, just a generous drop or two.
If you don't use the grease from the beef, it's not yorkshire pudding.
Thank you. *g*
Yorkshire pudding LOFF LOFF LOFF.

Merry Christmas.
Indeed. Nom!
Your novelty yarn is quite lovely. Your plying is pretty damn spiffy.

The running joke among spinners is that you start out making novelty yarn and are frustrated with it, and then by the time you get to where you *want* to make novelty yarn, you can't because you're too practiced at spinning evenly.

Edited at 2009-12-26 04:46 am (UTC)
AH yes; we have ancient family recipes that date back to 1983 only because we're all getting older and forget that 1983 was actually a long time ago instead of just a couple years ago.

...darn it, now I want Yorkshire puds. Maybe I can persuade the boy to try making some later in the week. 230 AM is no time to bake, and trying to make Yorkshire for one is probably also stupid.

...this does not mean I may make muffins. I suppose I might be hungry.
I will go even further, and suspect you might.
Ahh, Yorkshire puddings. *g* Also good with ice-cream and syrup, if not especially authentic.
Well, I don't know about the ice-cream, but the syrup is absolutely authentic for Yorkshire puddings as eaten over the border in Lancashire. :)

As a child growing up in Manchester, that's how we always had Yorkshire pudding, ie served on its own with syrup as a dessert.
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