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well i told her i was lost and she told me all about the pentecost

Just finished and filed my review of Sherlock Holmes for (short version: it was awful and I loved it), and before that, I made some candles. See, I used to commit chandlery fairly often but had fallen out of the habit, and yesterday leahbobet mentioned she was thinking of taking it up, which inspired me to break out the wax and crayons.

20090406 016

I'm still staring meaningfully at The White City, trying to figure out how the damed thing works. It would be nice if I could finish it by year's-end. But it all depends on if the story tells me how it ends.

 I guess tomorrow I start rereading it again.

It's finally raining out there, and the wind is gusting fiercely, but it's 41 degrees, which seems positively balmly.
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