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bear by san

March 2017



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life is a thump ripe melon, so sweet and such a mess

Item the first: For anybody who thinks they might want a Giant Ridiculous Dogge on their very own, my mom and her partner have a bitch in whelp, and are expecting puppies on the ground in January if all goes well.

You can read thecoughlin's informational post here. If that intrigues you, the Eiledon Briards website is here.

Item the second: Climbed tonight with buymeaclue and TBRE and The Jeff. Did not climb particularly well, mind you, but I did get out there. Better luck on Monday. *g*


Alas, neither money nor space for a Giant Ridiculous Dogge at present.

However, will request that puppy photos/links thereto get posted when such exist. *grin*
If only I still had a yard... Mei-chan the Wee Ridiculous Dogge would delight in having a Wookie of her own.

*looks at her beloved apartment, and sighs for not being able to live two lives at once*

Although Ace does very well on supervised outs--he gets about twenty minutes of ball twice a day, and a walkies, and is quite contented. (Our yard is not secure enough that a large determined dog could not go walkabout.)
Hooray for Giant Ridiculous Dogges To Be!
*loves on the GRDs*
Yay for GRDs!

Alas, I have neither the time nor energy for a herding breed - it'll be Toys for me until I have the room for a Berner to enjoy.

I second the request for puppeh pics, though :)
Not me, but I did go google up some Briad puppy pictures. Awwww...
Alas, cannot have a GRD of my own. No dogs allowed here, plus 18-year-old Queen of the House would not approve. Will have to come steal more time with yours.
Awh! I wish I could afford one, but while my neighborhood's great for dogs, and the yard has space enough for games of fetch, I'm not self-supporting yet, and GRDs need to eat and visit veterinarians. Plus, acquiring new dog now, knowing it'll sit in quarantine for ages in Australia, is just mean. So I'll just sigh over yours and the puppy pics. :(
Thanks for the link, I enjoyed looking at the parents...beautiful dogs! I wish I could sign up for a pup but our three dogs and three cats have declared there is no more room . . .they already have to lie on the bed with me in rotating shifts.