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bear by san

March 2017



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hustle ash really

she made up someone to be. she made up somewhere to be from.

Finished my second skein of yarn, which looks almost exactly like the first one.

It's official: plying is the most boring thing ever.

But at least it prevents snacking.


Almost exactly? Woo-hoo! Consistency!
one of the better things about textile arts is that they prevent snacking
Yep. Right up to the moment that someone whispers "M&Ms in a glass."

::carefully does not look at the glass with popcorn in::
Did I say M&Ms? I meant, um, trail mix! Raisins! Carob chips! Healthy!
Can't see how that would help, actually, when both hands are occupied by thing that snarl hopelessly if you let them go.
Yeah, straws wouldn't really help, would they?

Not gonna spin, not gonna spin, not gonna spin...(see icon for why)
The PC finds it fascinating but it mostly well-behaved. The FK has to be ejected from the room. *g*
Heh. Yeah, Her Majesty wants to halp. It took her five years to ignore my stitching, and it's taken about that long to ignore knitting. I don't think my nerves can stand another one of her 5-yr learning curves.

Spin. It's good for body and soul!

I have 2 cats and 4 spinning wheels (we won't talk about how many spindles). Each cat has investigated the wheels while in use. Nose first. Neither cat has any interest in spinning wheels any more.

They have also learned that catnip mice are for them and string is for Daddy.

Re: Spin. It's good for body and soul!

Noooooo, not gonna spin! I barely have time to read as it is. And the stash, jeez...stitchy stash takes up hardly any room. Quilty stash takes up 4x the room. Knitting stash takes up 4x the room of quilty stash. Spinning stash...yikes. And then the spinning stash turns into knitting stash. ::hides::

Re: Spin. It's good for body and soul!

Charlie kept trying to attack the knot on the drive band. Iniki would try to eat the yarn right in front of the drafting triangle (I guess the freshest string is the tastiest). Koshka was happy as long as she could sit with her paws on my leg. I don't remember what Nina thought of the wheel, but she tries to eat the embroidery floss as I stitch...
Whoof. Yeh, I have no idea how long this skein is, but it took me over an hour. :-P
Keeping my hands out of the snack boxes was the main benefit of me taking up knittng :D
There's a wonderful book called Women's Work (it's on my bookshelf and I'm too lazy to get up and look at it). It talks about the need for women to have boring jobs, necessary, but mindless, like spinning, knitting and weaving. Their first job was too look after the children, but textiles let them do something productive and keep their attention free to watch the kidlings.

Of course weaving yarn doesn't usually get plied. Most weaving is done with singles. Not that you need another hobby...
For some reason, I treat plying as a race, and go faster and faster as I fill the bobbin. It must be the boredom. I'm practically bouncing my wheel by the end of the singles.