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bear by san

March 2017



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always winter

this is ice. this is what happens to water when it gets too cold.

Forecast for tonight through the weekend is intermittent snowpocalypse, which just started.


Scalloped potatoes and spinach bread for breakfast*. Life is not so bad.

Also, Val Kilmer is fifty today. Congratulations GenX. We have officially lived longer than we ever expected to.

*TBRE brought it home. Quoth she: "I think the secret ingredient is butter." Quoth me: gnarsh chomp mwar!


And have you noticed that we of Gen X are still stuck at the metaphorical kids' table, mentally occupying a late-twenties niche, because the Baby Boomers still all think they're 45, tops, even as they hit retirement?

...or maybe that's just me. I fail at grown-up.
I have noticed that it's baby boomers who freak out when I describe myself as "middle-aged," not GenXers. *g*

(Hey, I'm nearly 40. I certainly can;t describe myself as a young woman anymore and don't actually expect to live much past 80. That's middle age. And what's wrong with being a mature person, anyway?)
Me too! I freaked out a 30yo the other day. I think he didn't want to be a grownup yet.

::sadly contemplates Val's puffy dissoluteness::

Who knew that horrible Dr. Moreau scene where he dressed up in white face as Marlon Brando would be so prophetic?
I've been thinking of "middle-aged" as beginning at 35. For, um, 20 years now. It's like "middle-class"; the opposite of an excluded middle!
50 is Gen-X? I thought we were Jonesers.
We're supposedly mid-Sixties to mid-Eighties. But no, Val Kilmer isn't GenX. (So you're safe too.)

If you were, however, you would know that he's a GenX icon for Real Genius, which was the Animal House for my generation.
I'm such an out-of-it. I've seen neither movie in its entirety. But I've seen bits of AH over the years and checked out a synop of Real Genius, and think I would prefer RG as my cinematic touchstone.
Heehee, Real Genius was on this morning before work - one of my favorites :)
A Swedish dairy company had a huge ad campaign up this spring with pictures of various food items and the slogan "Butter: it tastes better".
Can't argue that.
My parents finally switched from margarine to butter (emergent soy allergy), removing one of my relatively few remaining annoyances about visiting them. Mmm, butter.
The mental image of Temple Grandin with a barbie doll is... strange.
It's cool, you can be middle-aged. As a member of the very last bit of the Boomers, I am totally cool with this, and I say unto my co-Boomers: Get Over It.

You're old enough to be president of the US, and that ought to be an argument against the mid-thirties representing Bright-eyed Youth.
I think some of them internalized that "never trust anyone over thirty" thing a little too well, ignoring the inevitable implications...