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your hands are law

20090406 001temperature this morning: -4
tea this morning: peppered Russian Caravan with honey
teacup: Cape Cod bikinis...which, amusingly, I was given by a coworker after her vacation when I lived in Las Vegas.

900 words yesterday night, and 729 this morning before breakfast. The White City is shaping up to be a very long novella. I have a few more scenes to insert and some rewriting to do--going to try to finish it off today. I'm actually quite pleased I got anything done at all last night, because it was 9 pm before I got started and I was quite, quite tired. But I rallied. And I successfully got up early today and got to work.

Now I am showered and dressed and going to drink my tea and eat leftovers and listen to NPR for an hour or three, while poking listlessly at the book.

It's snowing kind of halfheartedly, but the wind more than makes up for it: it may be fine powdery snow, but it's coming down sideways.

The dog and I will be snuggling on the couch until further notice.

I am possessed of an nearly uncontrollable urge to start tomato plants.
Tags: tea, the daily commute

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