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maybe once in a lifetime you'll hold one in your hand

Around 2000 words on The White City to complete a draft. I am full of virtue, lemme tell you. Full.

One thing off the honeydew list, thank dog.

State of the Honeydew:

# finish Grail (50%) (April)
# write New Amsterdam-world short story (March)
# revise "The Romance"
#finish "The Unicorn Evils" (with [info]coffeeem) (NOW! IMMEDATELY!)
#write "Spell 81a" (with [info]stillsostrange) (April)
#write "Uniform" (ensemble!)
#write "Ligature"

# write A Reckoning of Men (with [info]truepenny) (25%) (June)
# write The Steles of the Sky. (October)

# Space opera thingy
# Vampirism thingy
# Noir thingy
# Book reviews and columns as needed

# Maybe write Karen Memory if it sells, or do some more work on it to send back out if it doesn't.
# Continue working on Smile
# Singularity Rent novel
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