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if you turn your back on god don't turn your back on love

No work yet today, but I did go to the coop for eggs and apples, the grocery store for everything else (300 dollars worth of groceries is a LOT of groceries, but we are now set through the Apocalypse.), the pet store (additional litterbox, cat food), and the drugstore for my H1N1 jab and the cat's diazepam.

And then I spent two hours putting groceries away, which involved things like drinking half a bottle of seltzer with lime and ginger because apparently I done dehydrated myself, and making duck stock to get the bones out of the freezer so there was more room to store frozen things..

The True Value by the pet store has canning supplies. Mwahahahahaha... ahem. This summer, baby.

These eggs are wonderful. They're obviously from a mixed flock--blue, green, white, and brown shells--and they're so fresh you can't get them out of the shell whole if you hard-boil them, because they have no air spaces.


Some kind of serious protein/iron jones going on today, as I came home with steak AND Brussels sprouts, and I have every intention of eating BOTH for dinner. After climbing, which is scheduled in a bit here.

I should really put the laundry in, and get in a little guitar practice.
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