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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds fate

if you turn your back on god don't turn your back on love

No work yet today, but I did go to the coop for eggs and apples, the grocery store for everything else (300 dollars worth of groceries is a LOT of groceries, but we are now set through the Apocalypse.), the pet store (additional litterbox, cat food), and the drugstore for my H1N1 jab and the cat's diazepam.

And then I spent two hours putting groceries away, which involved things like drinking half a bottle of seltzer with lime and ginger because apparently I done dehydrated myself, and making duck stock to get the bones out of the freezer so there was more room to store frozen things..

The True Value by the pet store has canning supplies. Mwahahahahaha... ahem. This summer, baby.

These eggs are wonderful. They're obviously from a mixed flock--blue, green, white, and brown shells--and they're so fresh you can't get them out of the shell whole if you hard-boil them, because they have no air spaces.


Some kind of serious protein/iron jones going on today, as I came home with steak AND Brussels sprouts, and I have every intention of eating BOTH for dinner. After climbing, which is scheduled in a bit here.

I should really put the laundry in, and get in a little guitar practice.


The True Value by the pet store has canning supplies. Mwahahahahaha... ahem. This summer, baby.

WooHoo! You go, girl. You won't be sorry. Our winter grocery bills dropped way down for us when I started to put CSA stuff away in soup, stew, and salsa. Eggplant cans well, too for instant baba ghanough. And stock is so damn quick to can, I don't freeze it anymore.

Now if only there was a way to preserve lettuce...

A way to preserve the stalks, anyway...

From Hugh Plat's Delights for Ladies, c. 1609:

32 - To make sucket of Lettuce stalks. Take Lettuce stalks, and pill away the outerside: then parboile them in faire water: then let them stand all night dry: then take halfe a pint of the same liquor, and a quarter of a pint of Rose-water, and so boyle it to sirup: and when your sirup is betwixt hot and cold, put in your aforesaid roots, and let them stand all night in your sirup to make them take sugar, and then the next day your sirup will bee wake again: then boile it again, and take out your roots. In the like sort may you keepe Orenge pils, or greene Walnuts, or any thing that hath the bitterness first taken from it, by boiling in water.
I want more brussels sprouts but stupid nearest shop has stopped selling them because it is post-Xmas... STUPIDS! Now is when I remember how good they can be.
I've been meaning to ask! Is that the coop on Oakland?
Oakland and North Main, yep. It's a long block from my house, and the eggs are around $9.50/flat.

They're saying there will be a full farmer's market come March or April, six days a week. *geek*
Araucana chickens and Araucana-crosses are quite popular and will produce a wide range of blue/green eggs.
So. I gave timprov a hug, and off he went to the grocery store, and I came upstairs and read livejournal. "Damn!" says me. "I should have read livejournal before sending T off to the grocery store! Bear has reminded me that I wanted brussels sprouts, and now they are not on the list!"

So I went on with reading my book and drinking my juice and putting in the laundry and being a good sickie on the couch, and I thought no more of it. And then! T got home! Bearing a large and luxuriant branch absolutely filled with brussels sprouts!

And it was a Christmas miracle loff Mris age 31 the end.

The True Value by the pet store has canning supplies.

I read that too fast and got the oddest impression.
Well, the little brat WILL keep sleeping ON MY FACE....
What do Brussels Sprouts have to do with Iron? They're pretty good on Vit C, but nada iron.
5% of your recommended in a serving, actually. Lots of Vitamin A, too. And ascorbate increases your iron uptake.
I can understand getting eggs from the coop (where else?) but apples grow on trees.
Agricultural cooperative, silly.

I did go to the coop for eggs and apples

Wow! A new breed of chickens must live in that chicken coop if they lay apples!

*facepalm* I have just realised - coop must be the USian spelling of co-op (short for co-operative). I have similar problems every time I see USians writing about royalty checks - I wonder why they need their royalty checked and then realise that they mean royalty cheques. ;-p
Blame Noah Webster. He lived two towns from here--if you come visit we can go spit on his lawn.