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bear by san

December 2021



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she gets excited by the fact that he's afraid she might come back

You would think that three layers of cotton, wooly mitts, the hat coffeeem made for me, a wool afghan, a silly dog, a heating pad, fleecy slippers, a pot of tea, and a laptop would be enough to keep me warm. (The dog gets pushy with me when I take too long getting to work. Because while I write, he's on duty as Chief Couchwarming Officer. I think he's a little bit of a workaholic, this dog.

You would think.

Right. Exercise and breakfast accomplished, though the meat really thinks it gets more food. Maybe the cold is it attempting to convince me it will only use that chocolate bar for heating!

Today's tea: Upton Tea's Makaibari Estate Long Leaf First Flush Organic. Yum. A very nice Darjeeling which I am managing quite nicely without milk. I bought this with the gift certificate ammitnox gave me. Thank you! It's lovely!

And now, to the word mines.



I found some lovely down-filled slippers from Tog24 before Christmas. A duvet for each foot! :)
You would think.

I wouldn't, actually, just because your layers are all cotton. Cotton isn't that good for the warmth. For staying warm in a chilly house, I prefer silk, wool, or synthetic fleece, or all three in alternating layers. A silk camisole or t-shirt + silk longjohns are really quite amazing for thermal-comfort-to-weight ratio.

Of course, baking something in order to be able to huddle near the stove while the oven is on is also good.
Actually, cotton is just fine as long as you're dry and it's not windy. I find it works considerably better than silk, which is way oversold and tends to feel cold on the skin.

(Also, the afghan, as I mentioned, is wool.0

Polypro, on the other hand, is indispensable for serious cold weather.

Where cotton falls down is if it gets damp: it looses its insulating qualities much faster than wool does.
To each her own. For me when layering comparable garments -- silk undershirt versus cotton undershirt, silk turtleneck versus cotton turtleneck -- silk knits very clearly keep me warmer than heavier, denser, ribbed cotton knits. Cotton really fails when it gets wet, yes, but even dry I find it just plain doesn't doesn't keep me as warm. And to me both feel cold when first put on, so that's a wash. The one exception would be cotton flannels where the surface fuzziness traps a layer of air between fabric and skin, and I don't have a fair comparison basis because I just don't own anything that's a pure silk flannel. If your mileage varies then Mazel Tov.
*nod* the whole point of any of this is trapping layers of air. So my usual layers are a cotton/lycra tank, a thin cotton or synthetic turtleneck, a cotton henley or thermal top or a synthetic zip-neck pullover, and then a wool or cotton sweater or sweatshirt over that. (And then the outwerwear atop.)

Sometimes I'll swap out the henley layer for a lambswool turtleneck, if I am going to be working outside and know I will want to strip down as I warm up--or if it's *really* cold. That thing is the warmest thing I own, and it weighs about six ounces and bulks no more than a heavy cotton turtleneck.

I find that silk next to my skin gets damp much faster than cotton, and once it's damp it's sticky and useless and *cold.* And let's not even talk about the static issues.
For being-inside layers ('cause going outside to shovel or whatever, I'll make my own warmth soon enough), once I'm dressed, I usually stick a hairdryer between some of those layers to add some warm air. My boyfriend thinks this is Quite Silly.
I think it's brilliant.

Instant dryer shirt.
They are importing Makaibari's tea??????

My grandfather's bookstore sells the stuff and sometimes my Dad gets it shipped to him (he's from Darjeeling and the bookstore is still in the family although). He cuts it with Salada to make it last.
They have a ton of it. other estates too, and the prices are quite reasonable.

You can be a hero!
Yay for tea! :)