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don't talk back. just drive the car.

1403 words and breaking for lunch and laundry and dog outs.

..and chatroom entertainments....

[14:51] matociquala: Today I find myself wondering when we will realize that treating international terrorism as a "war" legitimizes it, and that we should treat it as what it really is.
[14:52] matociquala: A crime, and thus a matter for international law enforcement.
[14:52] leahbobet: Mm, yes.
[14:52] katallen: :: nods ::
[14:52] leahbobet: Thing is, that requires empowering the international courts.
[14:52] leahbobet: And the US at this point will never do that.
[14:52] matociquala: and police forces.
[14:52] leahbobet: Because they won't like what the international courts have to say to them.
[14:53] matociquala: alas.
[14:53] leahbobet: So as usual, this could really all be solved by people being grownups.
[14:53] matociquala: Rule of law is HARD.
[14:53] matociquala: And you don't always get what you want.
[14:54] leahbobet: (Umf. Out of cheddar. :-( )
[14:54] leahbobet: (OTOH, out of cheddar because I ated it. :-) )
[14:54] matociquala: *blames the rule of law*
[14:54] leahbobet: Yeah, well. Fairness sometimes sucks.
[14:54] matociquala: if it weren't for that, you could go out and take the cheddar of anybody you wanted
[14:54] leahbobet: That's part of the point.
[14:54] leahbobet: heeee
[14:54] leahbobet: I can! For six dollars!
[14:55] matociquala: But you could spend that six dollars on an ARMY.
[14:55] leahbobet: And shall on my way home from errands!
[14:55] matociquala: and then get free cheddar forever.
[14:55] leahbobet: Eh, you'd just have to feed them.
[14:55] leahbobet: And they'd eat all your cheddar.
[14:55] matociquala: ...don't you bring logic into it
[14:55] leahbobet: *g*
[14:55] matociquala: I WANT AN ARMY
[14:55] matociquala: *Army costs $6 billion*
[14:55] leahbobet: Lotta cheddar, that.
[14:55] matociquala: *uses it to get $6 in cheddar*
[14:55] matociquala: *calls it a win*
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