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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

where nothing is owed, deserved, or expected

Ursula K. Le Guin on the Google Books Settlement. 


Loving the lawnmower line.
Yeah, that was a good 'un.
The thing is, I am greatly in sympathy to the aim of making information as accessible as possible. I believe that is, quite frankly, a great aim.

And I am certain my books are available as pirated downloads, as well. I know because I get the google alerts for them. But the people posting those are not a corporation that claims its goal is not not be evil.

But the "It's easier to get forgiveness than permission" thing just isn't right.
It's not right when individuals do it. It's really, really not right when corporations do it.
For once, while the original post is very worth reading, it's the responses that are jaw-dropping. I'll keep looking back to see who else adds their voice. Thanks for the link.
All I could think of when I read James Hetley's comment was Joe Bethancort singing "I'll See Your Six".

Were I any sort of published (or publishable) writer I would throw my hat into the ring. As it is, I am going to send out Good Thoughts™ that The Universe will back all of the authors as well.
Thank you.
I'm stuck with a double-bind over here. I'm only peripherally represented in the complaints, since sfwa seems to have forgotten its non-US members. I have seven books and a whole string of articles caught by this grab, given that university libraries were an early target. My British representatives, the Society of Authors, is saying 'wait and see', because they are not in a position to do much else. It's stressful and disempowering.
I have mixed feelings: academically, I want information to be widely available. I'm happy for my books to be there to be accessed by those who are interested -- that's a purpose of libraries, for a start. I wasn't paid for most of them, either, so I have few financial interests at stake. But on the other hand, this feels like a kind of imperialism, where my work has been taken over by something much too big for me to deal with and is being exploited for their ends and their benefit. And, because I'm not in the country where this is being done, I have effectively no voice.
In my 47 years I've met and liked many, many Americans (and only disliked 3). But sometimes, sadly, it can be hard to like the hugeness of US business.

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we feel the same way. Jeepers. ;-P

Calls for Newbie-education


I read what's posted about the settlement by Google- which I get is probably not the most thorough or reliable- and, on the face of it, it doesn't look evil- just a posting of snippets to allow for online browsing, and then library collections, which are already available for free checking-out.

Since it looks like there are lots of very smart authors whom I respect in opposition, I'm interested in learning more about what people oppose. Does anyone have links, or time to give me their views?

(I hope this comment is not obnoxious or presumptuous, but if it is, I apologize, and will meekly accept a thump on the head. =)

Re: Calls for Newbie-education

It's not an obnoxious question, but it's one I don't have time to answer this week.

Anybody else want to give it a swing?

Re: Calls for Newbie-education

I have nowhere near the full scope of the issue, but this catalog of objections and responses in the amended settlement (warning, PDF) seems useful in beginning to comprehend it.

It's a huge issue, and it doesn't boil down nicely into evil-copyright-infringing Google vs. just-want-to-be-fairly-compensated authors or evil-money-grubbing-multinational publishing corporations vs. just-want-people-to-have-free-access-to-information Google. I think some of the objectors may be right and legislation rather than litigation may be the right avenue in which to tackle this, though there's no lack of sausage-making in that process either.

Re: Calls for Newbie-education

Holy Crap, that is a large and chewy document! Thank you so much! =)

Re: Calls for Newbie-education

You're welcome! I've also put up a post on my blog with a summary of the lawsuit so far.
So, if y'all's copyrights are all going to be worthless now, do you all get to go and live at Sergey Brin's house? It seems like the least he could do--unless he's willing to pick up everyone's rent/mortage payments and maybe Larry Page could drop a few bills more for other expenses.

Amazingly enough, the copyrights of writers, composers and other such folk are, you know, a source of income for them. Who knew?!

Hooray for the French! May other countries follow in their shoes!
Can I just say, your metaphor at that link had me ROFLMAO even if the TOPIC isn't funny.