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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds elle reid gideon daddy is

And this is why we won't let the GRD have a kitty:

On this one, you can hear me lose it totally and call TBRE to watch:

I love my silly dog.

Also, look! My house is clean!


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Even more so in real life. And the ears. OMG, the ears. I need to get a good video with the ears.
Hurray for walking carpets! I mean mops! I mean dogges!
animate flapper dress swing fringes?
sigh. Won't load
Well, rats. the flikr stream has still photos too.
That is, in fact, how he treats the kitties. And why he can't have one.
That animal has the most amazing effects on space. He looked large in the first video, and then he went and dollhoused your oven and sofa in the second video. It's the most useless magical talent I can think of.
I could think of uses for it....
It's a motorized hamster. I dunno, man. I didn't do it.
AWWWWW. Just lost in shaggy glorious hair, isn't he?

((heart melts))
He looks like a small human in a Wookiee costume. :)
Gentlemen. We have been visited by sentient fur from outer space. There is no need for panic. I repeat, DO NOT PANIC.

Evacuation plans for the planet are underway. Please report to your station when ordered.

We will leave this planet to the fur and go far, far away to a new galaxy where it cannot find us.

Good day.
GRD must have some muppett in his ancestry. Quite a lot actually.

But yea, herding dogs and cats -- not a happy marriage. The only sheep Star, my late Border Collie, was interested in was Bonington, my little black cat. SRSLY -- a Border Collie who was afraid of sheep!

But dang that's a lot of animated fur there!
Friend had a Bearded Collie that also herded her 4 cats. It actually worked, everyone co-existed. When the cats had enough they let him know or just climbed to high for the herding to happen. When he came to visit my house he tried to herd my Maine Coons but they were less willing. It was fun watching Toby in DOWN position trying to creep away to go play with the cats. They teased him because he was very well trained and mostly stayed put.

We have two RC mice, much like your hamster, ostensibly purchased to entertain the cats. Our sole remaining cat has absolutely no interest in them, so they had languished forlornly in a drawer.

Until today, when my 4 year old daughter discovered them. And then, of course, the Boxer discovered them. Cue absolute GALES of shrieking and laughter, which went on for quite some time. Ours don't make noise, though - that would probably go over even better!

Man, that is a lot of fur. Beautiful fur, but lots and lots of it!
*laughs his arse off*
GRD: I will love him, and cuddle him, and call him George!
Thank you for the good laugh.
GRD strikes again.
He's adorable (and you have a very infectious giggle): picture me sitting here chortling and saying 'Oh, clever boy!'.
Hee. I was trying not to laugh so hard all you could hear was me laughing.

He was torn between WTF! and captivated.
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