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bear by san

March 2017



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bad girls  mae west

last night the radio broke and i had to do my own singing

Every time the dog heaves a sigh, my laptop goes up and down.

The Writer at Work 2010 01 11It's 56 degrees in the house this morning, and 11 degrees outside (and falling.) The dog has decided that monkeys and blankets are warm, and can he help work now?

This is the view from my futon chair in the corner of the library, through the dog ears into the living room. The futon sofa across the way is another habitual writing perch. (And dog nest, as you can tell from the abandoned stuffie.)

Yes, the GRD is using my right foot as a pillow.

This is how portions of many books are written. Portions are also written from under the cat. 

Tea today: Pai Mu Tan white vanilla from Upton.
Teamug today: cat in file drawer.

This morning the washing machine exploded. 0.0 Okay, really, the drain pipe came loose, flooding the pantry and a corner of the kitchen. While I was doing my morning yoga. Mmm, restful. Fortunately, I got to it pretty fast and turned it off, and even more fortunately it was the final spin cycle, so the water was clean. Well, I needed to mop the floor today anyway.

Landlord has been called, and hopefully will pick up his messages.

ETA: Drain pipe froze in crawlspace. Spaceheater applied, should be usable by tonight. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is that cold out there.

And so I am starting work a little later than intended.

Today's work is finishing The White City--a final polishing draft. Then I have one more book to read for my Realms of Fantasy column, and I need to write that and maybe my review for the next issue of Ideomancer, and of course more work to do on "The Unicorn Evils." Which is really nearly complete--it's just getting the last five or seven puzzle pieces in. 


Oh! The ears!
Seriously envious of the handy surface for a tea mug. That's the one thing missing from my otherwise cosy workplace on the sofa.

P.S. Ace is adorable even when all you can see is his ears. *sigh*
I have structured my life to have handy surfaces for tea mugs.
There must be something in the air: Avocado killeddamaged our washer last night, although after a night' rest it appears to be feeling slightly better.
Ah, crawlspaces. There's a reason nearly all houses in Minnesota have basements -- and it's not just to hide from the tornadoes.

Seeing plumbing on the OUTSIDE of houses in England really freaks me out. (I can see the attraction when retrofitting older masonry buildings, though; if the climate allows it, it makes sense.)
Oh, we have a basement. But whoever put the drain in ran unwrapped PVC (!) through the unheated area between the basement partition and the hatch.
Ah, merely an idiot plumber. Then it can presumably be fixed so it won't be a problem again without major demoltion, which would be nice.
Is he under the blanket with you? *melts*
He said his feet were cold.

Now he's chasing birds through the windows, though. It's good that he stays busy.
Freezing pipes are not fun to deal with. :(
56 degrees! Wow, is your furnace broken or does your insulation just suck that bad?
We set it to 55 at night.
Wow! You're a braver (or at least more cold-tolerant) bear than I. I can barely manage 65 degrees at night. :)
65 during the day. I own sweaters!
I do too, but alas, they are not enough. :)
I say instead of the usual "this is the author" picture, this one should go in the next book.
"This is the author's POV"
Whoa! our house also have a temperature of 54 degrees! I hate it...
LONG JOHNS. And wool socks. *g* fr srs.