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my morning, in one act

5:30 am

Complaint Department:
You are the best monkey ever and I love you and want to cuddle you and share your pillows.
Monkey: I need at least a third of one pillow, O cat.
Complaint Department: But I loooove you.
Monkey: I love you too. You realize you are purring so loudly I cannot actually hear my clock radio?
Complaint Department: Love! Love! It is a many-splendored thing! Love!
Monkey: Seriously. I can kind of hear that it's on? But I can't make out a word they're saying.
Complaint Department: Nasty clock radio. Why would you want to hear it, when they are talking about how nasty and cold and cruel it is outside. Maybe you should stay in bed. Where it's warm. And there is a cat. Yes. You should totally stay in bed.
Monkey: Ahhh. All becomes plain to me.
Complaint Department: *snuggles more fiercely*
Monkey: *sigh*

Tags: cat vs. monkey, presumptuous cat

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