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December 2021



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i'll take two of what you're having. i'll take all of what you got.

1302 words on "The Unicorn Evils" this morning, now breaking for lunch and Hustle before I head to the book-review mines.

Tea today is chamomile, if you were wondering. Well, there was an Assam earlier, but I drank it.


I'd be curious to see what you think of Hustle. I've been thinking of giving it a whirl.

It's one of three TV shows I can be arsed to watch, if that's any recommendation.
Since you're an UNCLE fan, it may well be.


I do like it. I am a sucker for caper shows.

(Okay, technically I watch four TV shows, but I'm not sue Mythbusters counts, not being scripted drama.)
I read that as "The Unicorn *Elvis*" which is a totally different book...
I am starting to wish I had a nickel for every time somebody has made this comment.
Had the New England Patriots football team made it to the NFL championship game (coincidentally airing on the same day as "The Unicorn Evils"), you might well have seen me pun about the Tricorn Elvis.

(Tricorn from the three-cornered hat that the team's musketeers wear, and Elvis from the team's so-called "Flying Elvii" emblem.)
Blame those researchers who discovered that people can read misspelled words as long as all the correct letters are there and the first and the last letters are in the right places.

And it's a totally different mental image if one has read the available bits of "One-Eyed Jack & The Suicide King"....
I can only drink Assam and darjeeling if they're properly brewed, which means I use a kitchen timer to get them between 2-3 minutes. Some of them, as little as one. *g*
Is it just me or is this premiere episode rapidly growing into a season of its own?

Not that I'm complaining, mind. OTOH, converting the Powers That Be to the Powers That Be Burned Out is, in my humble opinion, a Bad Idea.
You write 'em as long as they need to be.

This one needs to be a novel.

It'll be about as long as Refining Fire.
::throws confetti::

::capers about and claps with glee::

::considers why Refining Fire needed to be so long::

Um, yay?
Heh, yeah, that's about my reaction.