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the mystique of the uncompleted masterpiece

I have a title for the noir stuntwriting thing. "The Mystique of the Uncompleted Masterpiece," indeed. And I wrote 2050-odd words on The Unicorn Evils last night. (It's officially a novel now; we broke 40K yesterday. You're welcome.) And it's still not "Elvis." Though at this point I'm pretty sure every single person who reads on this blog has made that comment.

Today, I need to read a forthcoming Gene Wolfe novel (lucky me!) and start my review column.

5 degrees this morning. Ginger peach green tea with ginger honey in it.

Oh, and hey, look at this: I will be the guest of honor at Darkover 33 this year, the weekend after American Thanksgiving.

Tags: bear appearances, shadow unit, tea, the daily commute, wtf

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