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most serial killers don't have a particularly happy childhood.

Criminal Minds 5x12, "The Uncanny Valley," written by Breen Frazier, directed by Anna Foerster

I think I have a crush on this episode. I was a little worried about it, but I think CM is finally managing to wear away my dread of their use of common tropes by seriously excelling at it almost every time.

Also, antique carousel for the win. As you know, Bob, I have something of an antique carousel fetish. I don't know which carousel they used for the shoot, but it looks very similar to Hartford's 1914 Stein and Goldstein carousel in pattern. Also, I have a crush on the security guard.

Reid and the kid transparently trying to get his attention is beautiful. The kid's acting is a bit unnuanced, but it's paid for in Reid talking about processing through Gideon's departure. Yes, that was a total fangirl cookie, and it made my day. (Chess! Drink! Reid reading! Drink!)

Reid realizes the awful troof, and shares it with the gang. And Prentiss cracks the case--it's a woman. And of course it's her that notices the caretaking. And JJ who points out that a woman can handle a hundred pounds.

Garcia's hair is thematic! And JJ introduces the horror movie plot so it can be dismissed.

Tacey Adams! And scriptwriting points for using that particular old wives' tale as a plot point.

Garcia is love, and several kinds of love at that. And as the scope of this settles into the team, there's a nice sense of dawning horror as the scope of awful is settling in on the team.

Oh, dear. An entire new generation of victims who haven't seen The Silence of the Lambs or heard about Ted Bundy.

The new victim montage is nice and creepy.

"He's a collector." And Reid is out of breath and extremely well-dressed (the black on black on black outfir with the subtly striped tie is very snazzy.) all episode. Either his dress sense is becoming more conventional, or a woman is picking his clothes again. (And off the cane. Huzzah! Try not to get shot in knee again, Spencer. And we recommend going out dancing.)

Morgan is back in heather-gray pajamas, I notice.

"She can't fake a bedside manner." This is one of my favorite profile scenes in a while.

"Where did you get this?" Get out of the way, sonny, and let the working woman have a look. "This woman is an artist."

"Bethany is a diabetic." Oh, the Prentiss Significant Look.

I think I would like to see Jennifer Hasty get more roles. She's really quite wonderful in this. And I think Rosalie Ward does a really nice acting job for somebody who can't move anything but her eyelids.

I'm not sure I buy the layman's explanation of diabetics metabolizing drugs into glucose (?) but his satisfaction on "But there is another possibility" is very contagious.

"Just because you enjoy dolls doesn't make you a freak or a pedophile."

"I'm assuming that didn't end well. Did it." So not a question.

Nice dream sequence. Oh, creepy nightmare. Creepy creepy. Well done. And nice foreshadowing, too. The tear retracting is is beautiful. (I love it when CM does this kind of stuff. It's stylish and clever and it makes me so happy.)

"I'm surprised how many little girls knew how to make shoulderpads."

"Oh my god, she was doomed."

Wrathful Reid is wrathful.

Good call, Hotch. Send Rossi to moderate Reid. Oh, how the team has changed.

Victim has agency! Drink!
"We're leaving."
Oh, this is painful. And the visual links to the dream are fabulous.

Seeing Reid and Rossi as faceless authority figures from the UNSUB-pov is nice.

Jonathan Frakes, serial molestor! And Bad Cop Reid/Good Cop Rossi alone is worth the price of admission. Reid, a tiger in defense of the mentally ill.

Chessboard! Drink!

"I'm not implying anything. I'm making an inference."

Ooo, Reid's so mad he's stammering. "This is why I love my job."

Dr, Malcolm fails the cannibal test. ("Is my action likely to cause this child to grow up to become a cannibal?")

And Reid FTW. He also loves his job because it's like chess. Because once you know the moves, you can see how the game is going to go. And in the process, win it. "My name is Spencer and I'm with the FBI." (Snrch. "Hello, Spencer.")

"I promise no one will ever take them away again."

And of course, there's a visual call-back to last season's Memoriam plotline--Reid in the park playing chess. I love that the subtext of this is all about Reid processing his abandonment issues, and it's very underplayed, except in that first scene.

Isaac Asimov quote <3. (Yup, Reid is totally unaware of popular culture. *snrch*)

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