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Teeha has delivered 8 healthy black puppies, and mom and her offspring are on the way home.

One baby, however--the only tawny in the litter--is staying in the ICU at least overnight. He's the biggest puppy, and he got stuck on the way out. The vet had to do an emergency C-section to get him and the two brothers and two sisters who were behind him.

He still may not make it. He hadn't, actually--after they worked on him for three hours, he quit breathing, and after the vet tech had put him down he started breathing again on his own. And she said, I am told "I am not giving up on this puppy now" and got him back one more time.

So he's alive for now.

My mom is asking for any good thoughts, prayers, or wishes anybody can spare for a tiny ridiculous dog, if your belief system permits it. 

He's a scrapper. I really hope he makes it.

ETA: Little guy didn't pull through. Thanks so much, everybody, for your kind words and thoughts.

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