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bear by san

March 2017



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via jenavira, one heck of a Criminal Minds fanvid which does a wonderful job showing one of the things I love about the show. Because it's one of the few treatments of serial killers I've ever seen where the women are subjects, not objects.



Watching NCIS OnDemand last night, they aired an advert for Criminal Minds. The faces of the members of the team fading in and out as they spoke and words appearing on them that pertained to the message of the advert except ... Reed appeared 2 or 3 times but he never had anything written on his face - even though some of them had two or three words appear.

I wondered if there was a message in that, and made a mental note to mention it to you.
I've seen that ad. It's creepy-tastic.

And no, I dunno why Reid doesn't get a caption. But I have all kinds of theories, ranging from "oversight" (hah.) to "MGG is creepy-looking enough without face words" to "One day, Reid snaps, and they're laying the groundwork."
I was considering the last but I also wondered if it might be because he *is* so worried about his mental stability that he's aware of what is hidden. The others are all norms, he's the only one that really odd among them.
indeed. he's always self-monitoring.
I kind of want them to do it. It would be an incredible piece of television, and it's just the kind of cliche they subvert so well. I'd have to stay home and cry for a week afterwards.
Indeed. Well, you know MGG would love it. Based on interviews, he lives to torture his alter-ego.
the women are subjects, not objects.

This. So much this.
And fighters. And they have agency. And all that.
Random Literary Fun Fact: there is at least one (pre-Perrault) version of "Little Red Riding Hood" wherein Red escapes the wolf through her own initiative and presence of mind:


(I've taken to calling that the "Criminal Minds" version.)
coolness! Danke!
"Because it's one of the few treatments of serial killers I've ever seen where the women are subjects, not objects."

Hell, it's one of the few shows I know of about crime and violence where women are consistently subjects and not objects.

I've been trying to explain to my brother for years now why I love CM so much. Aside from my love for Reid and Garcia, I never could get him to understand. But he finally watched a few episodes* a couple months ago, and we talked about them when he was here for Xmas, and he started to believe me finally when I once again talked about character development and how being honest about violence means not making it sexy or cool. I should send him a link to this vid.

*his favorite so far is Empty Planet, which doesn't surprise me at all.