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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds boom

poppies! beautiful poppies!

Item 1) "The Unicorn Evils" is finished. Or at least, the draft is finished. All hail the draft!

Item 2) Puppy photos.

Item 3) There is no item 3.


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All hail the draft! Whoo hoo! Congrats! Now all that's left is...

... editing....

Oh god.
You know? I find these days I enjoy that more than the first draft. Because it's THERE, I just have to make it good.
Awwww, so teeny and sleek! (The puppies are cute too.)
51,431 words. Don't say we never gave you anything.

Argh and now I want a dog :(
There are still two unclaimed! This is my mom's first litter in 6 years--she doesn't breed often.
She's been running a fever, but it's coming down, and she's getting a LOT of support.


If you know anybody who can't live without a Briard, there are still two left unclaimed. These puppies will be left natural-eared, and based on their mom's temperament, will be fabulous dogs for just about any purpose.
Those tiny things grow into the GRD? Wow!

I probably don't want to know about the "natural-eared" thing, do I?
The GRD is a crop-eared dog, like the majority of American and Canadian briards. My mom doesn't crop her puppies' ears. So these puppies will have a natural soft ear.

Shiny draft! Shiny puppies!

Are they black or really dark gray? In a couple of the pics, they almost look blue! The way some black hair does, or Russian Blue cats do. Such pretty little things!

I don't have a dog icon. Baby tiger will have to do.
They are black. Possibly when adult they will be black-born grays, like the GRD. Or they might be black.
Completed work, and puppies.

Can't get much better than that!
I can't decide which is harder to get over, how shiny and smooth their fur is, or how tiny they are.

No, wait, the hardest part to get over is how damn cute they are!
1) Yay!

2) Yay!

3) Yay!
Yay draft!

Aww, puppies. *covets puppies*
Thanks for the puppy pics, definitely helping make a rough couple of days a little brighter. (-:

(oops, and congrats on the draft too! Those puppies are so distracting...)

Edited at 2010-01-17 06:57 pm (UTC)
<3 Sorry about the rough days.
Every time you write "The Unicorn Evils", I read it as "The Unicorn ELVIS". Every. Damn. Time.

Still, that might make an interesting book. ;)
All hail the draft! ::Sends laurels::

And thanks for the puppy photos (and your recent videos). I have a mild dog phobia, but watching your dogs is making me wonder if I shouldn't swap it for some other fear. Heights or butterflies perhaps.

I hope it is not bad manners to ask, but I remember a post in which one of the puppies was having difficulty? Is she/he doing better now?
No, he didn't make it, sadly.
Ha. They look almost exactly like day-old German Shepherd pups--but these guys are VERY shiny! Beautiful babies. :) I'm surprised momma doesn't remove the ribbons--my girls don't like them and take them off as soon as I look away.

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