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bear by san

March 2017



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there will always be a faster gun

Two review columns revised, 1,555 words of Shadow Unit DVD extra written and sent up for editing, some various edits completed on The Unicorn Evils as comments start to come in. Which is a pretty good morning's work, brought to you by avoiding Grail.

I also made soup and ate some, though it's not doing a lot for my feelings of crabby and overscheduled and much-beset. I guess I had better get used to it, though, because there's no sign of reduction in the much-beset between now and November.

Tomorrow will be a Work Day, and I more or less plan not to stir from my crouch. Right now, I have an errand to run for friends, and then it's off to the climbing gym to try to leave some of my crabby behind at the top of a wall somewhere. After that, home and some work on Grail. I wonder if I can have a draft by the end of next month. That would be beneficial to the insanity that is my life.

...forgot to post this before I left. Yeah, I'm frazzled. Well, there was climbing, which was mostly the eating of vegetables. Still working on the crux on my project wall. I think I know how to do it; now all I have to do is climb better than I ever have.




*excited flailing*

I have a question. You've said that Unicorn Evils is about novel-length at this point at so many thousand words. Do you know how much that would be in standard MMPB pages? Just out of curiosity.
No, because mmpb pages bear absolutely no relationship to wordcount.

You know all those tricks you can do with margins and fonts and leading and so forth to make your term paper come out the right length?

Book designers get paid to do that.

Most modern MMPBs run between 80K-125K, however.


Crabby - been there - have become certified Master of same.
Walls - very good for scraping off the crustaceous attributes. I wish you well in this.
With warm regards,
You remind me that going to the gym and doing things that are hard (yoga, for me) are very good, not only for my body, but for my general state of mind. Especially when I Don't Feel Like It.

Thank you, dear.

Yes. It is amazing how much doing anything physical HELPS.