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arise, sir percivale, the noble knight and god's knight, and go with me

Did a little more editorial work on TUE today. With The Unicorn Evils and The White City more or less squared away, I'm back in the saddle on Grail as of this morning. Curiously, I think I still like it. Right now, I'm mostly refreshing my memory of what I have written, poking around, and picking at loose threads in the first half of the book. The last thing I did before setting the book aside to steep while I worked on other things was to Send In The Man With The Gun, and of course I have to figure out what that will precipitate.

I know the thematic argument of the book, but like everything written theme-first, it's going to be a struggle to keep it from becoming pedantic or didactic. The book needs to be about the book first, and the argument has to exist in that space as naturally as a worm in an apple core.

I'm not interested in churching my readers, and never have been. Partly because I really have never believed there are one-size-fits-all answers to any problem, and the world in general rewards the imposition of moral absolutes with absolute horror.

And because there's a whole lot of characters in this book adopting moral absolutes as unquestioned truths, I have to (a) limit their admonitory exposition and (b) keep the plot moving around the philosophy. And the sophipathology.

Yep. The Jacob's Ladder books really are really real science fiction, even if they have angels and knights sprinkled through them. But it's philosophies they're testing to destruction.

I know more or less what happens. I just have to build the structure that will allow that to take place, and make it interesting.

And I have to somehow do this between all the running around and social obligations that my life seems to demand of me. I wonder if my friends and family would forgive me if I walled myself up in my house for the next month and a half? Because really, that's what I desperately need to do. I love having a community, but I need two extra days in the week to deal with everything they need from me if I'm going to get my writing done.

Well, getting stressed out about it isn't helping.

The Daily Commute 2010 01 19Temperature this morning was 30 degrees, and it's misty out. The January Thaw is still ongoing. Tea today is green jasmine. Teacup is Japanese characters I can't read, green on white.

And with that, coffee break's over. Back on my head.

...and after that the upwards fall. and were we angels after all?
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