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i believe in lager, cigarettes, and dope

Well, in amidst this anxiety and sense of being like a spider with everybody pulling on a different leg, there is some news I consider positive.

The last two times I've had my blood pressure done, it's been borderline high (a problem I've had since I was in my twenties, and which I have treated successfully before this with regular exercise). Unfortunately, I am exercising regularly, and my salt and fiber intakes are pretty good. Given a genetic predisposition to high blood pressure, alas, what this tells me is that the extra sixty-three pounds I'm lugging around really needs to come off.

Also, every ten pounds I can drop will do wonders for my climbing and my running times. And help relieve my poor abused spine and tendons and knees.

All this means I'm back on the Discipline again. So here's an elljay cut for people who find discussions of nutritional regimens triggery.

Basically, what has worked for me in the past is a combination of things. (Yeah yeah, exercise more. In any given week, I already swim, do yoga, hike, climb, lift, and run. What would you suggest I add?)

1) Radically restrict refined carbs. Brown carbs and potatoes are fine; white flour, white rice, refined sugar and so on, alas, get sent to the back of the bus. I can have them after significant exercise, and not otherwise.

Alas and alack, this includes beer. A moment of mourning, if you will, for the beer. (And pretty much all booze. Because of the way alcohol is metabolized, it goes straight to the belly.)

Also, I find restricting refined carbs is good for my moods and equilibrium (and PMS), overall. Pity I like them so much.

I also try not to go overboard on the saturated fats, though really, this meat of mine lets me know it's falling apart on me if I don't feed it a steak once in a while. (I suspect it's a side effect of the amount of muscle mass I carry: a couple of times a month, there's just not enough red meat in the world. I was vegetarian for a couple of years, and even with eating dairy and being pretty careful about my protein balance, I just couldn't keep it together without occasional dead cow once I started weightlifting.)

2) Shake up the calorie load. Given my size and activity level, I maintain on around 2600 calories a day. Theoretically, this should mean that if I cut 500 calories a day, I would drop a pound a week. Thermodynamics, however, is not my friend. So what I wind up having to do is restrict fairly seriously on some days and eat normally on others, and usually give myself one day a week when I eat like a pig. (Weirdly enough, I always register the most significant weight loss on the day after the 3000-calorie day. Which can be a bit like being a beta--you try getting 3K calories into yourself without eating sweets or too much saturated fat.)

Today is a 1600-calorie day. And I climbed yesterday. *sigh*

So hungry. And it's four hours to dinner time.

On the other hand, it's working. Two weeks in and I am down four pounds. Viva The Discipline.

ETA: If I somehow gave you the impression that I'm looking for diet advice, I'm not. But thanks for thinking of me.
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