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tsubaki_ny has a powerful story and a fundraiser for Haiti here.

Today was kind of crazy. No climbing and not much writing today, because I went up to help with puppies and vet visits. Teeha is not recovering from her c-section as well as could be hoped--she's developed hepatitis and anaemia, and cannot nurse her puppies, so they are being bottle-fed and she is very very worried because she wants her babies, please. One of the little guys did not make it, sadly--this is turning out to be a very difficult litter.

But everything that can be done is being done, and the remaining seven pups seem to be doing okay--and according to the vet, today, Teeha's red blood cell count is rallying and her blood chemistry looks good. Fingers crossed that in a few days she can have her puppies back, as she wants them badly (as you might imagine).
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