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Criminal Minds 05x13, 'Risky Business." written by Jim Clemente, directed by Rob Spera

Well, that was elegant.

When Mr. Clemente finishes up at the FBI, I am pretty sure he's not going to have to go begging for a second career. One thing I kind of love about CM is the verisimilitude in how people talk--very often, the cops sound like cops, the EMTs sound like EMTs. When Clemente is writing for them, the FBI agents sound like FBI agents. (Garcia almost never sounds like a real hacker, but she's so geeky and gorgeous, who cares? And she's not any worse than any other fictional geek.)

Also, it is a truth universally acknowledged that JJ-and-Garcia episodes are made of win, puppies, and rainbows. And I think this is only the second one ("Penelope" beng the other.)

Ominous cold open--and again, the everyday becomes tragic. And a very nice purloined letter of the UNSUB's hands in blue nitrile there.

Jaje is wearing Emily's clothes again. And still no wedding ring; just the mother's ring. Good for her for sticking to her guns.

And the team comes to Mom with their troubles. And Mom doesn't even need to talk. He just looks. And the kids explain. (JJ blinking back tears as she's explaining is wonderful. And those big gamine eyes of AJ Cook's only get more expressive.)

Hotch, nobody can resist the JJ puppydog look.

So I wonder what situation was so bad her sister couldn't see a way out. And I wonder if anybody remembers the thing about JJ having no apparent parents (just an aunt, right?) back in "North Mammon." JJ's start and snarl at Morgan when he says "There has to be some underlying issue," tends to indicate maybe.

"This plane seldom makes pleasure trips."

Rossi will be Sir Not Appearing In This Episode.

"There's a multitude of indicators." And Reid gives JJ the opening she needs to present her information, and the whole team suddenly understands. Reid looks out the window, Morgan makes a face, Hotch just registers.

I'm sort of sad the reporter never showed up again.

I love the sheriff. And drink!

"Fret not. I got my own command center. I just need your juice."

Dad sees Reid and Morgan limping up to his door. That's a great shot through the window.

"Not we. Me. I did that." Aww, dad. And mom trying to protect him, and then fastening on JJ's slip of the tongue. And Hotch tries to cover for her. (AJ also has a great aw shit face.)

"He wouldn't do that to us."
And Reid with the nonaswer. Also, his shirt, sportcoat, tie, and cardigan all match. And not in any kind of idiosyncratic "Orange and blue are tertiary complements!" kind of way, either. I'm pretty sure he's dating somebody with a less iconoclastic dress sense.

"I hope we haven't made it worse for them."
"Could we?"

CM, as always, rocking the victim interviews.

"Until--when we met her parents at the hospital. Friday." These guys are so good at this.

If the computer is only in the family room, how does the webcam file get uploaded? Obviously the UNSUB is using his Hollywood Trojan to end the uplink when he wipes the files. Maybe the kid had a wireless webcam in his room, but that's awful risky.

"I did not say empty. I said appears to be blank."
Garcia's hair is as awesome as everything else about her. But her red heart necklace may be even more awesome.

Of course, Garcia and Reid are the ones who know about the choking game. (I wrote a story about it some years ago.)

Ooo, we're in the Matrix now.

Hahahahaha. Garcia FTW. She has learned when to tell the SAIC that shutting the site down would be a bad idea. (Gideon's not getting any more agents semi-killed on her watch.)

Hee. Using Reid's social awkwardness, and his pedantic adrenaline response, as a tool. <3

(And greenscreen! double <3, which is <6)

"I don't want you to win the contest, because I don't want you to play the game."

I guess Shemar's out of that walking cast....

"Open a book, open a mind." and the kid is tackled by the library cart! (What is it about Morgan and libraries?)

Perceptive Reid is perceptive. And Morgan makes an assumption. Ooops. Reid's not ready to commit yet, though. "He's a pretty likely candidate."

"I'm not that type of doctor."

"Your son, Christopher, has been choking himself." Assumptions flying all around!

Morgan and Reid, failing to connect. And Hotch and Prentiss still barking up the wrong trees.

"Sir I have never done that before." Ooo, Hotch is Sir when Garcia still donwanna.

"I look like a cop to you?"

"You have no idea how I feel."
"I dunno. I think I have a pretty good idea."

Heh. Garcia. Once a goth, always a goth. Where's goff!Emily in all this?

"We should bring her out all the time."
Well yes, you should!

And Prentiss and Rossi are on the tail now. "Manual and ligature strangulation." Yup. You can't manually strangle yourself.
Meanwhile Reid and Garcia are using their wondergeek twins. Oh, I need a Redheaded!Garcia icon.

"And pop culture icons." (How about "Cullen," Spencer?)

And the Sheriff realizes the awful troof! Drink!

That's Munchausen's by proxy hybridized with hero homicide, really. And child sexual abuse. That's icky.

"Stay on that site, Garcia." Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs, Hotch.

"For Christopher, a cemetary would be a place of refuge. But for the father--"
"He's revisiting the body disposal site."

"I decide when you die." Well, you ARE a creepy abusive bastard, aren't you? And the way he looks away and won't meet Christopher's eyes when Christopher is trying to get his attention is awful.

I wonder what those EMTs are thinking as they load their coworker's kid.

"We're an asset for all levels of law enforcement. It's what we do." PSA! Drink!

Garcia knitting and rolling her eyes. Win.

"Play poker with him sometime." ...okay, they're trying to get us drunk.

Aww. Good, brave JJ. And Hotch lets her help. No, she doesn't have to.

I love my show. In fact, I loved this episode so much that icons happened.

Feel free to grab any you like:

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