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she always had that little drop of poison

It's a beautiful frosty sunny morning out there, clear but not brutally cold--25 degrees when I had the dog outside.

the daily commute 2010-01-21 002Tea today is an Upton Teas Assam: Banaspaty Estate TGBOP Organic. It's lovely.

Teacup today is the roses-and-sunflowers, which I do not have a saucer for, so I am using the one from the pansies cup.

I have a stong supposition The Unicorn Evils might be done today, or possibly tomorrow. That is a great relief. Also, I got through chapter 3 of Grail yesterday, despite everything. Today's goal is chapter 4 and interlude 2. I'm going easy on myself for a bit here, though I really want a draft or something like one by the end of next month. But I think I'll do that after archery, or possibly after lunch. Right now I'm watching Hustle and Leverage, which make interesting bookends for Criminal Minds.

More Briard puppy updates at thecoughlin, under her briard puppies tag.

But here, have a video: they're starting to get mobile.

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