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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

My Storytellers Unplugged column for today deals with the realities of being a working starving artist: By the light of a burning deadline.


Every so often I am reminded of just how big a lottery I won by being born in Canada.
Marry me?
Heck, it's possible I'll be able to marry all y'all!
The number of things my country does wrong are as many as the stars...

...But at least they got one thing right.

(I hope the US manages to give you all something approaching civilised health care sometime. Soon.)
It is lookng more and more unlikely.
Well, you can always commit identity theft and come and live as an Irishperson if things fail to improve!

(I am given to understand it is quite simple, really.)

(Although Canada would probably be easier.)
My mother's mother was a Riordan. It's possible, given the collapse of the Celtic Tiger, that I could convince them to take me as a diasporean.

Alas, I like it where I live, except for the 19th century government.
Alas for 19th century government.

Stupid capitalism. =(

I'm not a creative, but I'm in pretty much the same place you are. I'm repaying college loans and living in MI, where I am one of 15% or so of the population that is horribly under-employed (although not wholly unemployed, thank Dog). Fist-bump of solidarity.

Does it help to know you have Fans? And that we appreciate every second of those twelve hours? Love from random strangers has to count for something. =p

I hope it doesn't offend you horribly to ask this-I understand if it earns me a swat with a newspaper or something- but have you considered a donate button? You blog everyday, sometimes several times, sometimes at great length, and you are always, always interesting, even when talking about things as simple as your teacups. As you make your living from writing, this is part of your work.

There's a super-awesome mommy-blogger who just did this. She blogged for several years, developed a good-sized, although not huge, readership, and then, due to financial pressures (raising 2 kids in Boston as a SAHM with a newly-minted lawyer husband) she decided to put up a donate button twice a month. She seemed like she hated to do it- her initial post was SO apologetic. The post got hundreds of comments-mostly to the effect of "Dude, why just twice a month?" I don't know that it miraculously solved all her problems, but it can't have hurt.

We are more than willing to pay for your other writing. We would pay for this, too. It is all valuable.

Anyway. I'm very sorry for the sucky parts of the artist's life, but I am exceedingly, selfishly glad that you, and other folks like you, do what you do.

Hey. Thanks for the vote of support.

If anybody's desperate to send money, I'm part of the reader-supported site at www.shadowunit.org.

I blog as a community service, not to busk. *g*

Fair enough.

(and, sidebar, busking is a perfect term for blogging-for-donations. Words that fit make me happy. ^-^)

A friend of mine who is self-employed used to have catastrophic health insurance, so major medical was covered but she had to pay for everything else herself, and I think the major medical had a high deductible. .....Here's the thing: my friend is a successful businesswoman. She's very definitely *not* a starving artist; she's actually fairly well-off. And still, this was the best solution she could find. (Luckily her kid was able to be covered under his father's plan.) You know it's a bad system when even better-off people can't get decent health care. (Well, that came out wrong. You know it's a broken system when far too many people have no or inadequate care. That relatively solvent people can't even *buy* it is a sign of just how stupidly it's broken and possibly of how hard it will be to fix.)

My friend has decent coverage now that she lives with a partner who gets it through work - but as someone commented to me a while back, healthcare shouldn't have to depend on who you're sleeping with.
I have considered taking up sleeping with people for healthcare, but since I'm pretty much a lifetime failure at log-term sleeping with people, it never seems to work out. ;-)
She had all kinds of schemes, including re-marrying her ex (they get along well as friends, just not as spouses) if she developed any serious health condition. Or buying a shre in his company so she could be on their plan.

I really like her current partner; they seem to be extremely happy together and I think it will last - but I still wish there were other ways to get decent health care.

Also, this is a personal concern for us, if we ever *do manage to take a year off to travel, as we're trying to plan for.
Despite the NHS's massive shortcomings and limitations, it is things like this that make me grateful to be a Brit.

I work 4 days a week while I try to establish a career with my writing, but I think I'll hang onto a part-time job for as long as possible. At least until I hit the NYT bestseller list. ;)