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my soul is dry. i never know why.

spinning cashmere 2010-01-23 001 Tonight the best roomie ever and I curled up on the sofa to watch the second part of Kill Bill (verdict: Pity about David Carradine; pity about the script), drink tea, and engage in fiber arts (She was knitting. I was spinning. Such girls.)

Anyway, because I have finally finished with the teal merino (except the last portion of a single that I need to wind into a ball and ply against itself) I now get to play with the cashmere that asciikitty gave me. It's verra nice.

What you are looking at on the spindle there is two hours of production, approximately. Yeah, this is not how I ever want to have to make a pair of pants.

It's almost a shame to turn this stuff into yarn. I kind of feel like I should just be petting it.

I may have to kill the dog. For some reason, he is throwing a fit about being left alone downstairs tonight. And I am really, really tired.
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