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bare trees. grey light. oh yes it was a cold night.

All I want to eat lately is bread with butter and harissa. Which, since it's usually oatmeal or brown bread, around here, and given the levels of vitamins C and A in chilis, may actually go a long way towards being a balanced diet. But I am still trying to break it up a little with the occasional clementine.

bare treesThere was a marked lack of Discipline on Saturday (pizza and beer). Very satisfying, but in the long run not constructive.

The dog and I went for a two-mile walk in the rain this morning, because the back yard was far far too muddy to play ball. It's actually kind of nice out if you like rainy days (I do and he doesn't).

Here was the view out my bedroom window at dawn.

The house is a plague pit, and no chance of doing anything about it any time soon, between my schedule and TBRE's. Oh well: at least the dog doesn't mind.

Today, I start back up on Grail wholeheartedly.

Two weeks to the season premier of Shadow Unit. So if you wanted to catch up on Season 1 and Season 2, now would be a really good time to start reading. We're kicking things off on February 7th with The Unicorn Evils, a special double-length season opener.

For those of you who read this blog intermittently, Shadow Unit is a collaborative, interactive, semi-real-time hyperfiction environment following the adventures of a team of unrealistically sexy FBI agents (and their associates) as they attempt to track down individuals who have developed superhuman abilities--and all-too-human evil--as a result of a mysterious force known as the Anomaly. Contributors over the past three years are me, Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Amanda Downum, Stephen Shipman, Chelsea Polk, Leah Bobet, Sarah Monette, and Holly Black.

Temperature today: 48 degrees
Tea today: Makaibari Estate Long Leaf First Flush. Really, this is about the best Darjeeling I've ever had.
160.3 miles to Isengard. I've been slacking. Or hanging out with Treebeard, maybe.
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