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bear by san

March 2017



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the rain came down on a coal mining town and it carried you away

Today has been after the spirit of an adventure.

The whole world is blowing down outside. But I got 1561 words on Grail and got through a scene. I think I more or less know how the book goes now, although I don't have a good innate sense of its structure and spin, so I will be doing this one by pure intellectualization. Which is much harder than doing them by feel, but thanks to my own stubborn that I have developed the skills to bull through on brains and brawn when instinct fails. We're still on target to have this sucker done by the deadline, for which I feel an enormous sense of relief.

In other news:

Bad news: I think the washer as well as the dryer is kaput. It's started making fairly dramatic banging noises on the spin cycle. Which means it's unusable, and we'll have to have somebody out to look at them and see if they can be fixed, but:

Good news: I just heard from arcaedia that my signing payment for The Steles of the Sky is in house, which will come in exceedingly handy given (a) above. Also, I need to get the fan in my car fixed before it comes through the dashboard, and I have a whole bunch of bills to pay, which means:

Bad news: most of the paycheck is going to that. Alas! However:

Good news: Chill will be coming out soon, which means I will get paid for that, and for delivering Grail, and for Bone and Jewel Creatures, and The White City, so the long lean time of 2009 is finally coming to an end (I hope). Unfortunately, this means that:

Bad news: I really need to get off my ass and talk to an accountant. Add another thing to the to-do list. (I really, really wish I could afford to hire a part-time personal assistant. I badly need one, currently, for about three tasks that keep getting away from me. One of which is updating my *&^(&%^* website, since my Web Ghoul ran off and got other work.) However, in

Good news: Initial reviews of Chill are very good, thank you! From Publishers Weekly (pnh, no apostrophe, just for you)

Chill (available February 23, according to Amazon. Yes, this is how I find out these things. Oh, the glamour!)
Elizabeth Bear Spectra, $7.99 (336p) ISBN 978-0-553-59108-8

Having survived the events of 2007’s Dust, the crew of the generation starship Jacob’s Ladder, marooned for centuries, find themselves once more racing though space. Unfortunately, the ship is badly damaged, large sections are out of communication with the central computer, and the highly augmented Exalt who rule the ship and its merely human occupants have lost the knowledge of how to select a destination. Antagonist Arianrhod is still alive, free, and a potential threat. Dealing with these problems involves epic journeys across a massive, poorly mapped spacecraft and confrontations with forgotten and suppressed relics of the past. Bear enhances the usual generation ship themes—social amnesia, decaying infrastructure, and mission-threatening grand calamities—with enough new flourishes, including a biotechnology-based class system and cruel experiments based on misapprehensions of Darwin, to keep readers happily engaged. (Mar.)

And then, this isn't about me, but--

Bad news indeed: Dressage mare Blue Hors Matinee has been euthanized after a paddock accident. That breaks my heart.

However, for countervaling good news, I bring you John Barrowman pogoing in heels


I do not know if it would be possible, but if you could arrange with a college to somehow grant internship credit for it, you could probably acquire a college student who wants to learn about The Glamour from A Real Live Published Writer Person to be your unpaid personal assistant intern for a semester.
That would be largely useless, as I need somebody I can offload a bunch of administrative stuff onto permanently, not somebody who will leave as soon as they are trained.
Yes, this is how I find out these things. Oh, the glamour!

It's not just you. We (in product technical support) find out about new products when the press release comes out from Marketing announcing the product release.
Once I'm driving again (this week?), I will most GLADLY come over & do personal-assisting duties gratis, including writing a training manual for the next one, in exchange for being able to put admin stuff back on my resume with current dates, so I can possibly get hired doing it for PAY in the future. Because the number of restaurant jobs paying a living wage = not very many.
We can probably work something out. *g* (One of the things I badly need is for somebody to go through my paperwork and file it. I warn you. It's a freaking mess.)

I will pay in lunch. *g*

(Sadly, another thing I need is for somebody to come over once a week, print out paperwork and make me sign them and then mail them out. And to take stuff to the (*&^(*&^ post office. And for somebody to keep track of who the heck owes me money and when they have paid me, because I SUCK at that.)
Thank you, John Barrowman. I now understand why men like to look at women in high heels and shorts miniskirts.

I mean, I sort of knew before, but now I get it.
They are nice legs, aren't they?
That man works high heels better than I do! The shame!
Sure. Send me an email. *g*
I know. :-(
I need to do this administrative financial advisor accountant thing too, and sooner rather than later. From what I gather--although oddly enough it's pretty hard to get actual information about this--the new position involves not so much a raise as a shift in the manner in which I am paid. Apparently, I get less for a long time, a bunch of it quarterly, more back-weighted in December, more variable, and more payments for me to make as opposed to withdrawals. And that pesky self-employment tax! And estimated payments. I have been spoiled, and that time is past. Now someone that knows the *maths* and the *counting* and the *TaxCode* must take over.
Yeah. I never miss working for somebody else as much as I do when it comes to filing taxes. They terrify me and I get avoidant.
John Barrowman is beautiful in a way that is just mean to us girls. *sigh* And I have heard him sing Way Better than That. I wonder if they will use him the Americanized version of Torchwood. He is American.
And as a bookkeeper (as in if I lived closer, I would offer to really help) I would suggest Quicken not Quickbooks. Get the Home and Business version, that should be enough for your needs, and it is cheaper than even the basic Quickbooks. Just saying, since I know you are on a tight budget.
May you find a good money/tax adviser. I know after my brother did he was a much happier camper (he's an artist, same cyclical $$ in that you have).
my Web Ghoul ran off

sorry that your Ghoul escaped...
Just because your washer is banging doesn't mean it's kaput -- merely that a belt is probably going. Which means a nuisance repair bill, but not disaster.

Or it could just mean you're not balancing the load or putting too many towels in one load...

Best of luck with the repair people.
Balance is both the most obvious problem and the easiest to fix, so that'd be the first thing I'd check. This is your excuse to invite netcurmudgeon and family over for tea, and get him to rock the thing up and make sure all of the little feet are even.
Regarding John Barrowman, the vocal performance was horrible--partly because he clearly didn't know the song very well--but I must agree he walks in heels very well.

And YES, he does have very nice legs.

Virtual Personal Asst.

I know the last thing you need is something else to spend money on, but a friend from my old punk rock days has an excellent virtual personal assisstant biz. I can post the link if you're interested, but didn't want this to look all phishy ;-)

Re: Virtual Personal Asst.

Thanks, but a virtual PA would be less than useless to me, unless your friend can file paperwork telekinetically. *g*