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that crushing, crashing, atom-smashing, white-hot thing...

Yeah, I'm tired, and my fingers and my bad shoulder hurt like blazes.  The hip that's been bugging me since Friday's yoga class seems to have fixed itself, however.

I have made the executive decision to cancel that job interview tomorrow. The panic attack this afternoon was a pretty good sign that it was a bad idea. I think I am too old to go without sleep until November. Back to the drawing board.

Fortunately, today was a climbing day, and climbing is the best anxiety interrupt I know.

And there were four new routes! (Extra yay because that kept me busy enough that I did not throw myself at my &(*&^*&^(*&^(* project wall today. Since I hate my project wall, this made me happy.)

I tried all of them, sent three (one of them fairly well, one moderately well, one with thrashing) and just about killed myself repeatedly on the first two moves of the fourth one. I reall hope they rate that thing a 5.10, because I am putting it on my project wall list.

I think the other three are probably 5.8, 5.9-, and a solid 5.9/5.9+. That last one, which is a white route near the door, has a lot to teach me. Unfortunately, this means I am going to have to keep climbing the damned thing until I get good at it.

I reduced the complaint department's diazepam dosage by half; she seems perkier, and is being much more obnoxious, talkative, and pushy than she had been. More like herself, in other words. She's currently asserting her dominance by washing my wrists while I try to type. The litter box discipline has remained a lot better (though I hope Iam not jinxing myself by saying so). I think we'll try this regimen for a while and see how it works.

And now I think I will go fall over, because I need to get up in the morning and write another six pages of Grail.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks, presumptuous cat

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