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I'll post this later tonight, but right now I am writing in the Half Moon Cafe in Wallingford, a habitual writing haunt on days when I have massage therapy and climbing, since it's silly to go home between them. I just spent a couple of fruitful hours going over Grail and looking at what I have.

It's actually pretty good. A lot of it needs a little line-editing, and the character and plot need to be dialed up as the theme is dialed back, but I am starting to see how to do it. I suspect tomorrow's work is going to involve me, a pile of index cards, and a scene-by-scene outline. Because my current list of bullet points is, by God, enough plot for any damned novel--but  right now there is nothing to "keep it all from happening at once," and as such it's confusing and intimidating.

Yes, I've managed to create a muddle too nonlinear even for me.

Fortunately, we have tools for dealing with that. And the old index cards have served me well before.

I'm trying to nurture my booklove. I need to recapture the romance, get passionate and obsessed with this. It will be so much easier and more fun if I can manage that. Writing is like any relationship: sometimes it's damned hard dreary work and sometimes it's so much fun you don't want to do anything else. Right now, this book is hard, dreary work.

But I can fix that.

I just have to find ways to kick myself in the squids hard enough to get them awake again.


That was a good climbing night. I got the crux of my project route, which means I have to go back and climb the whole thing on Monday (ack!) and then redid a bunch of other stuff--some challenging, some easy--and quit while I still felt good. Win.
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