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met my old lover in the grocery store**

There is no more blessed email title than "You Have No Events Scheduled For Today."

I didn't think I was hungry until I started to eat. Now I'm having to forcibly remind myself to slow down and taste my food.

There's a moderate dusting of "Mostly sunny Thursday morning, high of 49" on the ground, and more coming down. It's pretty, and it reinforces my desite to hobbit up and spend the day wallowing around the house in yoga pants. Fortunately, the opportunty presents itself. I think in the movie of my life today is going to be a montage of strong Assam with milk, soft-boiled eggs on toast with harissa, S4 Dexter episodes (oh, God, why do I do this to myself? Oh, right, Keith Carradine) and writing plot points on pretty colored index cards.

The winter publishing dry spell has broken, and checks are starting to wander in--including one delated* since last September. I believe I shall celebrate this with sushi for lunch after I work out tomorrow.

Today, though, I get to be a lump. Admittedly, I had to talk myself out of running at 6:30 this morning, but considering how tired I feel, I suspect I made the right choice.

stillsostrange is tracking her Project: Valkyrie attendance. In the interests of public accountability, I suppose I also shall do this thing.

The Week in Workouts:

1/22 1 hour yoga (intense); 11.5 min running (1 mile); 5 min walking
1/23 rest day
1/24 ~3 hours hiking; 20 min hauling wood
1/25 40 min walking (1.9 mi); ~2:00 climbing, belaying, and hanging around the gym socializing
1/26 40 min running (2.1 mi); 40 min walking (1.9 mi); 20 min yoga (moderate)
1/27 33 min running (2 mi); ~2:15 climbing, belaying, and hanging around the gym socializing; 20 min yoga (moderate)
1/28 rest day

Why yes, there is a significant difference in my running speed on the treadmill and outdoors, where there are hills and the dog wants to stop and pee.

I mean, I'm still slow as dirt either way.

*If I didn't mean to do that, I am now pretending I did

**Oh, and Mr. Fogelberg? Abuse of the pathetic fallacy. Fifteen yard penalty and two free throws for the opposing team.
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