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bear by san

March 2017



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you know the world is round

Well, that was predictable.

I probably wasn't supposed to be happy about that last death, was I? Oh my God, thank you. I hated that character so much.

Where do I sign up for the Batista and the L-T spinoff series?

And does this mean Reid can have hs girlfriend back?

I just made myself a neckwarmer pillow out of jasmine rice and an old stripy lime-and-lavender kneesock. Odds of me being mistaken for anyone else: still very slim.

Leverage had a couple of good bits this week. I am so very tired of Nate and his problems, and would like more of Eliot, Parker, and Hardison kicking ass and being eccentric, please.


That's exactly what I thought when I saw it. Such a relief to say goodbye to that character, followed by the sneaking suspicion that I wasn't supposed to feel that way.
Julie Benz was so much more entertaining on Buffy or in Boondock Saints 2. She was wasted on Dexter.
Absolutely agreed re: Leverage.
Eliot was great this week.

Parker was the best as always.

I'd like to see an episode where there's a lot more competent Nate making a bigger canvas for Eliot, Parker and Hardison to shine on. The thing that grabbed me about the first episode was how smart everyone was, and how smart the con was, and how huge the result was. Things feel to have gotten smaller since then.


They have a lot of the same problems Husle does, only moreso because they have more episodes.

1) Caper plots are hideously hard to write
2) They are a one-trick pony.

I too would like to see them get back to more Mission:Impossible style storylines.
Nate is one of the many reasons I want to hold Auntie mrissa's Seminar On Why TV Main Characters Suck. Hmmm.
Yeah. He's not the main character! He's a plot complication!
If that was an only sock*, it's nice that it now has a new job to do and doesn't have to feel sad and useless anymore.

*By your standards, which are not everyone's standards, as I recall.
It was an only sock. And I had to darn it a little. (Darn sock! Drat you!)
>> Odds of me being mistaken for anyone else: still very slim.

Who would you like to be mistaken for?
Mae West?
Maybe if The Slunk had some feathers.

Then again, that might result in further Seussiness.
Which girlfriend? The starlet or the bartender? I vote for the bartender!
The bartender was the one with a job on Dexter this year.
I did not make the connection. Cool.