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bear by san

March 2017



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Exhibit A

Spent today with friends hauling a cord of wood plus into a basement for immediate burning. And then I came home and made extensive use of my neck pillow/heating pad, made like all such good things of a sock stuffed with dry rice and lavender and mint.

Now, some of you may remember that my old one, which was stuffed with buckwheat, caught fire after ten years or so of loyal service. Ahem. Well, now I have the most awesome neck pillow/rice sock of all time, because mine is made from a striped knee sock, and not some sad old athletic sock.

TBRE has dubbed it The Slunk, and describes it as "Seussian." I think I need to embroider eyes.

Slunk 2010 01 30


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Oh, that's really cute!
Where old goff sox go when they die.

ETA: It's long enough that I can drape it over my neck AND eyes at the same time.

Edited at 2010-01-31 01:44 am (UTC)
Buttons! Little, black button eyes! Yes.

*covets adorable healing slunk*
Not sure I would want to microwave those....
That is awesome like a very awesome thing!
I think I have those socks somewhere.
Eyes would be cool!
I have 1" googly eyes. Want me to mail you two?
Embroider some nice little eyes...yeah.
I'm ALMOST reluctant to suggest this given the way things turned out in Gaiman's book of the same name but a couple of black-button "Coraline" eyes would just MAKE that beast.


On the other hand embroidery works just as well...
that's exactly what I was thinking. =D
I agree. It needs eyes.

Even without them, it is awesome.
What a wonderful Slunk! It looks very comfortable and warm.
Yes, eyes would be cool. Because you mentioned them and I can really see them now. ;-)
Yes, eyes. On both ends. *grin*
And a mouth with gnashy teeth in the middle.
The slunk is awesome, but I am now totally in lust with your tea cart.
That is a truly awesome tea cart. Also the sock is tres nifty. And I agree totally--it needs eyes. Of the microwaveable variety, of course.
Knee sock. Jasmine rice. Stitches on the open end. Possibly, eyes. Microwave. Hmm. Sounds both useful and doable.

Thank you. Again.
And they stay hot a good long time, too.

No word yet on what the lifespan before self-destruction is. (Poor buckwheat neck pillow. It burned from the inside, like the Enterprise self-destructing)
I will go against the grain and moon about starry eyes. A Starry-Eyed Slunk.
ooo. A starry-eyed slunk!
on the other hand, I'm totally impressed by hauling a cord of wood. Good on ya.
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