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coldest night of the winter. working up my farewell.

Toby Buckell and Charlie Stross say everything about the Amazon debacle that I would say, if I weren't so tired. (Jeff Bezos, seriously, you make me tired.) John Sargent of Macmillan has a few words for the industry.

Tired, tired, tired.

The Fearless Kitten is now a 13-pound kitten (he's not yet a year old) and dwarfing the PC, who is an 8-lb cat. We're pretty sure, as he develops a grown-up ruff and long fluffy tail, that there's some Maine Coon in his New England Random Cat genetics. He's growing up to be a lovely boy, however, and once he's out of his adolescent destructive phase I imagine he's going to be a fantastic household companion.

Winter is back. It's cold enough that there is no dislodging the cats from the bed.

I'm back in spider mode this weekend, with the obligations piling up. Working on finishing reading this book I am reviewing (it is reminding me of some essential qualities of genre epic fantasy, in both good and not so good ways).

Right now, I need to get up, get dressed for the gym (it's a balmy six four degrees out there! I think I'm not running outside today!) and spend some quality time in a hot tub, then get ready to go babysit. Maybe I'll bring my poor neglected guitar, although I'm loathe to bring it outside in this weather.

When I get home, I have to put things in boxes so that I can mail them to people on Monday.

Tomorrow, I begin what will hopefully be my final big push on Grail. 180 pages, one major plot thread, some characterization and a climax. I can do that in a month. You betcha I can.

First deathmarch of 2010.

I also need to mail things. And go climbing. Also today I get back on the Discipline, which took a beating this weekend what with one thing and another.

Me and my slunk. We're on it, baby.

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