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fare you well, fare you well

February dawned cold and clear
jmeadows took a pretty photo of sunrise this morning, but she went out on her porch to do it. Coincidentally, I got the same sunrise, but about500 miles north. And mine has a frosty window and a screen in it.

It was a nice sunrise.

And then I got up and ran, and handled some email, and read some slush, and had a deep conversation with that same jmeadows about the sociopolitical and science fictional significance of Beyonce and Lady Gaga (no, really), and now I am allegedly working on the next scene in Grail or will be when I figure out what it's about.

From under my slunk.

tea today: Russian caravan
teacup today: Cape Cod bikinis
temperature this morning: 19 degrees
miles to Isengard: 149.2
Tags: jacob's ladder, tea, the daily commute, the writer at work

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