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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds elle lucky

fare you well, fare you well

February dawned cold and clear
jmeadows took a pretty photo of sunrise this morning, but she went out on her porch to do it. Coincidentally, I got the same sunrise, but about500 miles north. And mine has a frosty window and a screen in it.

It was a nice sunrise.

And then I got up and ran, and handled some email, and read some slush, and had a deep conversation with that same jmeadows about the sociopolitical and science fictional significance of Beyonce and Lady Gaga (no, really), and now I am allegedly working on the next scene in Grail or will be when I figure out what it's about.

From under my slunk.

tea today: Russian caravan
teacup today: Cape Cod bikinis
temperature this morning: 19 degrees
miles to Isengard: 149.2



If not for you, I would likely never have seen that video. I'm not sure whether to thank you or not.

Re: o.O

Cyberpunk has happened, baby. John Brunner was right, and it's all over but the screaming now.

I kind of love Beyonce for being a healthy-looking (ie, not emaciated) girl who flaunts herself as a hot woman--and Lady Gaga is the natural extrapolation of the drag queen ethos of feminity to chromosomal women. *g*

listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul

The sunrise was even pinker out my window. Probably because I live sufficiently close to 84 that I see it through even more exhaust particulates.
Is it bad that I see no reason for the "(no, really)" in that sentence?
Seemed reasonable to me. *g*

Around my neck o' the woods...

...we refer to Beyonce as The Beyonce-Bot. I think it started in reference to a particularly wooden piece of acting, but now it's all about her formidable, machine-like precision. Shock-and-awe that makes the Rhythm Nation look like a rag-tag fugitive band..

The moment before she appears, we like to image a cry of "Deploy the Beyonce-Bot!"

Re: Around my neck o' the woods...

Well, she totally plays to the bot thing. Including robotic body movements.

Woman can dance, and no mistake.

Re: The Arrival of Cyberpunk

I don't think I was quite ready for that jump after the cut.

Re: The Arrival of Cyberpunk

Man, nobody is ready for THAT. Although I can make a case for Lady Gaga adjusting her rack as a feminist gesture.

After all, Bowie started grabbing his crotch forty years ago...

Re: The Arrival of Cyberpunk

You know, I hadn't equated the crotch grab with the rack adjust until just now. You may be on to something.

BTdubs, I didn't get to say earlier but Chill looks gorgeous.

Re: The Arrival of Cyberpunk

Thank you.

ofcourse the first thing I found when I opened it was an error. 0.0