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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

 sleep comes like a drug in god's country

827 words on Grail for the first writing session of the day. Now to break for lunch, and read some more of this thing I keep getting distracted from reading.

Hopefully when I get home from climbing tonight I'll be able to fill in these bracket notes I'm inserting with reckless abandon, because right now I need something interesting for these two characters to talk about long enough for the man with the gun to arrive and kill one of them. And I also need an interesting entrance for the man with the gun, if it is even a gun.

I think I've still got a bit of post-novel ennui going on from The White City and The Unicorn Evils. Ideally, I would take a week off and watch a whole hell of a lot of moderately bad TV to bring my brain back online. I might do that anyway, despite the deadline pressure. I'm doing just about everything I can to hothouse this book, and  I can fill it simmering away back there, but I find one can only hurry the creative process so much before it turns on you and rips your face off.

Today's other burning question: how many times can I listen to one ancient U2 track before going stark, barking mad?

55500 / 100000 words. 56% done!


how many times can I listen to one ancient U2 track before going stark, barking mad?

Well I don't know about you, but I once listened to "Where The Streets Have No Name" on repeat for a couple of hours :) I make no comment as to the state of my sanity.....
I don't know. But I can listen to JT (any U2, really...) on a constant loop for days. It helps me to listen to songs/albums I know so well when I write so that I don't *listen* to them. They fill the quiet in the room but don't overtake the noisy in my head.

Oh, and go you!
It depends. That track? I've gone several dozen times in on go on it, at least.
I now have that song etched firmly into my eardrums. Thank you.