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 sleep comes like a drug in god's country

827 words on Grail for the first writing session of the day. Now to break for lunch, and read some more of this thing I keep getting distracted from reading.

Hopefully when I get home from climbing tonight I'll be able to fill in these bracket notes I'm inserting with reckless abandon, because right now I need something interesting for these two characters to talk about long enough for the man with the gun to arrive and kill one of them. And I also need an interesting entrance for the man with the gun, if it is even a gun.

I think I've still got a bit of post-novel ennui going on from The White City and The Unicorn Evils. Ideally, I would take a week off and watch a whole hell of a lot of moderately bad TV to bring my brain back online. I might do that anyway, despite the deadline pressure. I'm doing just about everything I can to hothouse this book, and  I can fill it simmering away back there, but I find one can only hurry the creative process so much before it turns on you and rips your face off.

Today's other burning question: how many times can I listen to one ancient U2 track before going stark, barking mad?

55500 / 100000 words. 56% done!
Tags: jacob's ladder, progress notes

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