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a little drop of poison in the red red blood

The Daily Commute 2010 02 02
teacup tonight: the blue and gold Chinese one I bought in Ann Arbor with colomon

tea tonight: liquorice spice
miles to Isengard: 147.1

228 / 400 pages. 57% done!

1471 words on Grail today, in two sittings, and a big chunk of The Steles of the Sky (677 words) because it mugged me at the gym today. And the Wrong Book is ever sexier and more fun than the Right Book.

Well, at least I am full of ideas for it.

The rest of the evening is going to be comprised of such exciting work as taking out the garbage and brushing the poor tormented neglected misunderstood dog while watching Memento. And eating some dinner, oh god.
Tags: eternal sky, jacob's ladder, sloth and villany, tea, the daily commute, the writer at work
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