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The Daily Commute 2010 02 03 001There.


Finally. (still not king, either)

1000 words on Grail, and the end of chapter two. And now the book has a plot engine to drive it forward, thank god. Which of course means rewriting the other 190 pages I have written to include this death and its investigation, but you know, if it was easy it would not be fun.

My brain is still trying to distract me from Grail by offering up all sorts of Much More Interesting projects I could be thinking about. Today's "shut up and dance" (thank you, Jello Biafra) brainworm was the vampire story I'm supposed to be writing for ellen_datlow for this summer. Which provided me with a complete playlist* of Hit Songs To Inspire Vampire Stories, in the process revealing to me why my backbrain has been making me listen to "In God's Country" seventy times a day for the past week (stillsostrange gave me another missing piece with the Rachid Taha earworm of yesterday).

I'm not sure yet if the working title of this thing is "Young Bone" or "Walk Away" or something better, but it does have an awfully good soundtrack, and until it names itself, it will be referred to as the Near Dark Cultural Appropriation Pastiche. (I do hope to avoid actual cultural appropriation, at least by my own standards for it (which include crappy research), but you know, any time a white American writes non-white-American characters, you're open to the charge--so. I will just do the best I can not to be an asshole with anybody else's mythology.).

I also figured out the opening for the noir objective stuntwriting piece I also owe La Datlow (That one has a title: it's "Dolly.") and figured out some things about a Secrit Projekt piece I will eventually be allowed to tell you more about.

Maybe--just possibly--inspiration is contained in this gorgeous new handmade tea bowl that soloadventure sent me. (People send me tea bowls! This? Is the glamour! right here.) She informs me that it's a "winter" teabowl, which is to say that the sides are angled in, to contain heat. And it does, in fact, keep tea nicely warm for a good long time.

233 / 400 pages. 58% done!

It occurs to me that I'm on the next best thing to a NaNoWriMo schedule here--I've got 42% of a book left to write, and would very much like to have a finished draft by the end of February. I suspect that's not going to happen, but it's nice to dream.

*playlist, if you were wondering:

1. Augie March - Just Passing Through (5:23)
2. Norah Jones - Young Blood (3:37)
3. Tom Petty - Time To Move On (3:15)
4. U2 - In God's Country (2:56)
5. John Hiatt - Wrote It Down And Burned It (6:03)
6. Jethro Tull - White Innocence (7:44)
7. Rachid Taha - Barra Barra (5:46)
8. Neko Case - Dirty Knife (3:20)
9. Sting - Desert Rose (4:45)
10. Amanda Palmer - Leeds United (4:46)
11. Sarah McLachlan - I Will Remember You (4:57)
12. Patrick Park - You'll Get Over (4:05)
13. Tom Waits - Walk Away (2:43)
14. Rachid Taha - Rock El Casbah (4:34)
15. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Berlin (3:11)
16. Sting - A Thousand Years (5:58)
17. Sarah McLachlan - Ol'55 (9:25)
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