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oh man. it is raining snipe all up in here.

Criminal Minds 5x14, "Parasite," written by Oahn Ly, directed by Charles S. Carroll

We're working on a white collar case, and Reid's working on a ponytail. The more he acts like an FBI agent, the less he looks like one.

Derek Morgan! The rack goatee is back! It's the ebil mirrorverse Morgan!

I like Rossi putting himself in the white collar crime cop's turf. His affinity group, as it were. Heh. If Hotch had taken that desk job, this is what he would be doing... and his wife wouldn't be dead.

Hee. CM takes on Leverage and Hustle. Mwahaha. Oh, show. Deconstruct it, baby.

Devolving! Drink!
"Like a functioning alcoholic." ...okay, total Leverage snark there.

JJ's got that elegant balance of compassion and steel.

"Did they have... transgressions?"

"I like a good paper trail. I find it meditative."
Do not bust on the guy who is doing six times more work than you, Derek.

Reid cracks the case!

Heh. Okay, the parallels between the UNSUB's family and Hotch's are so not accidental.

Mmm. Snipe.

"Hey Pen."

Oh, hello, women with agency. My show, I show you it.

Decompensating, drink!

...I have a baaaaaad feeling about this.

I totally love the wife and Mrs. Sanchez.

"They're in the wind, kid."

Oops. If they don't know which cell is the wife's, how do they know who is with Sanchez? Rossi is psychic!

Lady, get the kid inside.

COTW shot first. Prentiss knew he wasn't going for a gun.

...okay, they've lost worse. But that's still a lose, by the rules of the show.

Nice, solid monster of the week episode with nice thematic resonances through the season. I generally like more focus on the team, but then again, the victim or monster profile focus episode is really in some ways what the show is about.

And Prentiss with the kid again.

"Does it matter?"

Hey, AJ gets the bump! That gave me a happy. Almost as happy as all the awesome that was Garcia this week.

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